3 Reasons Why You might be Feeling Drained- How to get your Energy Back!


Feeling drained? Here are some real reasons why your energy could be draining away and some simple effective techniques to reclaim your vitality!

The health of your energy is absolutely vital to your overall well- being. In a decade as an Energy therapist, one of the most common complaints that I hear is ‘I have no energy, I am drained” . After a short chat and some intuitive scanning, I can discover where my client’s precious life force energy is getting to and how to get it back!

So how are you losing your life force?

You are a people pleaser– Your energy is a 24 hour all you can eat buffet for everyone in your life. The need to please everyone is an unsatisfying and hopeless pursuit. It feels like you cannot actually please anyone (you can’t), you attract needy, demanding people and no one appreciates you. It’s a bottomless pit into which you pour your self esteem, vitality and self respect. In energy therapy terms you are leaking energy everywhere by putting everyone else first.

You are a loving caring person, everyone gets it! However your disease to please will eat away at your energy AKAyour life. Each time you ignore your own needs to please another you are ripping a hole in your energy field. Want to feel more loved, worthy and energiized? Take a deep breath and draw your energy field back from every person whom you are trying to please and make love you. As your energy comes back to you,you will begin to see who you need to keep in your life and who is just their for the free feed! You will also find it easier to take care of you and say no when you need to.

You have gone to sleep on your life Living a “this will do” life, is like having a slow leak in your tyres, eventually you will lose momentum and end up in a ditch.

Do you drag yourself through a daily grind of activities whilst watching the clock for 5pm ?or do you feel a horrid sense of dread upon awakening? Then it’s time to unlock that surpressed well of internal power and energy by admitting the truth to yourself, make a commitment  ( and say a prayer) to find a way to make the rest of your life the best of your life. Invite your Divine guides to help you to make changes and then begin an all out search for what awakens you and brings you joy. A great way to do this is to keep a daily journal. Write three pages each morning of what ever is there, write down your fears, your whinges, your hopes, and dreams, write until the hand stops writing then pack it away until tomorrow. This is a magical and therapeautic tool that will uncover the voice of your soul. The one you have ignored and buried under a pile of should’s, can’ts, and it’s too late’s. You may begin with a boring commentry on what is not working, but this is akin to scurbbing the windows of a lantern, eventually the light can shine through and ideas, inspiration and passion arises.

Toxic relationships: The best relationships lift us up, enhance our energy rather than drain it away. Sadly, many, many, many people have no clue how to uplift or recharge their vibes in a healthy way and instead use put downs, constant complaining and neediness to suck their friends, family and colleagues dry and feel validated in the world. They don’t know they do this of course, but that still does not make it right!

Fact is that everyone has low times, we sometimes need to vent to a friend or therapist but there are some who make drama and misery their home. They have no intention of changing, taking your wise advice or seeking professional help for their unpleasant behaviors- they have discovered that they can unload their toxic energy onto you! Plus not only to they get to spew their anger/stress/story of woe into your aura, they also get a fix of your yummy good vibes. Why wouldn’t they come back for more?  If you walk away from interactions feeling drained, guilty or resentful then take action. Often we lose contact with ourselves in toxic situations because we go into survival mode.It is usually afterwards that we realize that our energy is AWOL and we are carrying a huge dose of someone else’s misery.

So what to do? Take a moment and make the intention to release the toxic vibes, you won’t feel good again until you do. Breathe deeply and ask your angels to clear you of the energy you have taken on. Then cut the cord:run your hand up and down your body in a chopping motion and say “I let you go and send you Divine Love” as the cord breaks you also break that person’s access to your energy. Make sure to let go of all of your resentful and unhappy feelings about that person so that you are breaking all negative attachments.

If the draining and dumping continues try to avoid becoming a victim , your life should not be a battle ground where you need to suit up in armor and detox at the end of every day. Do something about the Noxious Nellies in your life. Protect your precious energy by using your voice and your feet. It may be time to speak up, or walk away.

Your energy is not just your vitality, its your life. We live in a vibrational universe, everything is energy and has an energetic equivalent and vibration. Think about your world as a mirror for the state of  your energy. So if your energy is low and draining away, then you will feel and look drained,  you may not have enough of the things you need to feel fulfilled- opportunities, health, support, love and money. When your energy drains away, so does your well being. Fill your life with the activities,people and that recharge and energize you, and let go of all that drains you!

It’s really that simple.

You can learn more about how your energy leaks away and how to protect and clear your energy by reading my book Loving your Sensitive Self available in paper back and ebook version here.

PS: Unusual fatigue is worthy of your attention and you should always see your medical professional for advice.



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