You will See it when you Believe it!

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Do you subscribe to the idea that you’ll only believe in miracles, love and angels when and if you see them for yourself?

Or do you have the faith that WHEN you believe it, then you’ll see it?

I am a signed up member of the believe it and you’ll see it club because of the miracles and synchronicities that happen each time I’ve acted with  faith.

But still life manages to surprise me, and today is no different!

Over the past few week’s I’ve heard the words “You’ll see it when you believe it” over and over again both in my mind and from people I’ve encountered.

I knew it was a message for me and my angel community.

The phrase was first introduced to me about 25 years ago in a book by world famous author Dr Wayne Dyer, called: You’ll see it when you believe it

So when I saw a new book written by Serena Dyer Pisoni and Saje Dyer, both daughters of Dr. Wayne Dyer, I downloaded it immediately and immersed myself  over the weekend.

In The Knowing, Serena and Saje share their dad’s teachings from their perspective through incredible stories of  synchronicity they’ve received from their dad since his passing.

After deciding to write about “You’ll see it when you believe it” my day has been alive with synchronicity and miracles,  so I thought I would share what happened.

But first let me take you back a few years:

In 2015 I visited Uluru (a sacred power site in Australia) to see the Dalai Lama give a talk!

At dawn I went to meditate at the sacred rock where I set 2 intentions:

I asked my angels to help me to 1-meet the Dalai Lama and 2-to give me a sign whether to attend Dr Wayne Dyer’s event in Melbourne later that year.

An hour later,  I met and shook hands with His Holiness the Dalai Lama!💥 The story is here.

Only minutes after that, I received a message on Instagram from Dr. Wayne Dyer! (He had 2 million followers at the time and didn’t know me from a bar of soap!)

Of course I travelled to his life changing 2 day event, where I was lucky enough to meet him.

This was all made even more significant by the fact that he was to transition a few days later.

Back to today.

This morning on my live video I mentioned Dr Wayne Dyer and Louise L Hay, 2 of the world’s most influential spiritual teachers and authors and how their teachings are needed now more than ever.

I suggested connecting with them in Spirit for their guidance and help since they are no longer with us.

Then I randomly chose the only card in the deck which has an image of Louise L Hay on it! see the video 

A few hours later as I sat down to write this message I received another sign in the form of a message on Instagram, this time from Serena Dyer Pisoni!

Then I opened my email to find a message from a friend mentioning that she’d just heard that I’d met Louise L Hay. (which I did unexpectedly at a small private event in 2012)

These 2 great teachers are sending us a message from the other-side reminding us of the power belief!

If you live from the perspective that you’ll only BELIEVE you are connected to a loving intelligent Universe if you see proof first, then you hold the Divine and all it’s guidance, miracles and signs at a distance and you keep yourself stuck.

You will feel as if your dreams and goals are unattainable because you are relying only on the physical world and what your eyes can see right now. (OR what other people tell you is possible!)

You won’t follow your guidance because you don’t trust it!

When you accept that your belief attracts what you want then you create a strong connection with the Universal Intelligence.

Suddenly you see a path out of stagnation, limitation and fear.

Through this belief you come into alignment with synchronicity. Signs, guidance and miraculous events become your reality!

Right now isn’t it more important than ever to focus on believing that healing, abundance and freedom are possible rather than getting caught up in fear and scarcity?

You don’t need to worry about worst case scenarios or feel that you can’t reach your goals.

The power is within you to shift your mind and energy towards what you  want rather than what you fear. (for yourself and the World)

In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, we all must learn to live more often from our Divine Selves &  tune into the wisdom and guidance which is always there for us.

Your belief will open up a stream of synchronicity which will guide you to where you need to be.

You only need to believe it, and then you will see it!

(What do you need to believe in so you can see it in your life?)


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  1. Jo Durand

    Wow, powerful synchronicities Rachel. I was watching when you pulled the card with Louise Hay on it but as the phone had just rung, I’d missed the significance – thanks for sharing it here! I’ve been asking the same question for a while now and receiving a consistent answer although it’s well out of my comfort zone and I’ve continued doing the same-old (you know it, right?). I might try something new Haha and go with the guidance now. I’ll see it when I Believe it too!
    Love, Jo x

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Hi Jo,
      Definitely a sign that you need to follow the guidance! What are you waiting for!? Hah!
      Sometimes maybe you need an inbetween step.
      Blessings and Love Rachel x


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