How To Improve Your Mindset with Archangel Michael

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Today I want to share with you how Archangel Michael can help you to improve your mindset and manifest your desires more quickly.

We all know the benefits of changing our thoughts to manifest our desires, but it’s easier said than done!

When you’re stuck in a stream of anxious or pessimistic thoughts it’s hard to “think positive” because thoughts are energy & they can build up a lot of power over time.

Often our most negative and sabotaging thoughts are rooted in unhealed past experiences of pain, grief and trauma.

I am a big fan of good psychotherapy to heal the past but after years as an energy therapist I discovered that you can also shift your mindset quickly and effectively with an Archangel Michael healing method I’ve used for years: Cord Cutting.

You are probably familiar with cutting cords to exes and other situations that you’re ready to move on from.

But did you know that you can also cut the energy cords which attach you to any thought, emotion, situation or idea?

Anything which you focus on with fear attaches to you via an energetic rope-like cord which won’t break until you decide to let go.

If you can’t stop thinking about a certain situation or person which upsets you or brings you down it’s because you are corded to the problem and the thoughts associated with it.

If you regularly go on a spiral of self doubt or low self worth, you’re likely corded to that pattern via a thick strong cord of negative energy that has been building over your lifetime.

If you have picked up the pattern from family then the chances are you are corded via an ancestral attachment to the orginal issue. (You can cut the cord too)

These cord act like bungy ropes pinging you back into their low vibrational spiral of fear and negativity time and time again.

Perhaps you are triggered by an event which brings you down, or when you get overtired and your defenses are down.

Either way the negative cord is there with all those fears and negative thoughts, ready to hook into your mind.

With Archangel Michael’s incredible cord cutting  you can take back your power and sever those energy links forever, freeing yourself from potentially years of negative energy.


To let go of your cords to any thought, person or situation you only need to be willing to give up your ego’s attachment to it.

Here’s how:

Invoke Archangel Michael verbally or in writing. Tell him exactly what you want to cut cords with.

Imagine a transparent bubble around the situation or thought that you are ready to release.

Notice the rope-like cord between yourself and the bubble. Is it thick or thin?

Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cord and remove all the fear energy and other toxic effects.

Request that all  is replaced with Divine Love and infinite Peace.

Decide to take back your power over your mindset!

Now- create some affirmations to reset your mindset to attract something wonderful and heartfelt.

 “I now create powerful thoughts which manifest joy and abundance of all kinds”

When you cut the energetic fear cord, you detach your ego from the core issue while releasing all the thoughts, emotions and feelings associated with it. This is profoundly healing and triggers positive change.

Now you are free to choose your thoughts and beliefs, make sure they focus on abundance, love and how you want to feel!

You may even find that headaches clear up, challenges dissolve, and little miracles happen.

This is a wonderful practice to use regularly whenever you feel negativity and fear take over your mind.

Those new cords may be thin, hair-like strands but by severing them weekly, you don’t allow them to build power and strength.

Clearing your energy of fear keeps your intuition crystal clear and strengthens your connection with your angels too.(You also send the healing in both directions to your ancestors and descendants)

This Week at the Archangel Michael Energy Attunement I will guide you through a very profound  Archangel Michael healing and cord cutting to clear fear and it’s toxic effects from your energy, mind and body.

You can book in for the Archangel Michael Energy Attunement Here

Wishing you a magical week. (Don’t forget to watch this week’s guidance video here)

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x



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