How Often Should You Protect Your Energy?

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I am asked all the time, if energy protection should be done daily.

I get it.

It’s another thing to remember and add to your to do list.

However, there is a high price to pay for NOT regularly protecting your energy, especially if you are sensitive & intuitive.

Here’s a quick quiz to figure out if you need to protect your energy:

  • Have you ever spent time with someone and walked away feeling utterly drained?
  • Or stepped into a room and sensed an uncomfortable atmosphere? 
  • Have you experienced soreness, a knot or a hollow feeling in your upper stomach or a racing heart after an interaction?
  • Have you had days, perhaps even weeks, when you’ve sensed a dark cloud hovering over you keeping your mood low & your energy flat?

If you have answered yes to one or all these scenarios, then you are most certainly sensitive to non-physical energies and you’re highly aware of your energy.

This level of intuitive awareness is called clairsentience. Your intuitive system is sending you messages through your sensitive physical and emotional feelings.

Your energy field (aura) is an extension of you, through which you sense, process and intuit information about  the world around you.

Your energy field is sensitive instrument: intelligent, moveable and absorbent

Which is why you need to protect your energy field regularly. 

Without protection, your aura freely soaks up all the foreign & lower frequencies that you encounter. If you don’t regularly cleanse your energy properly these toxins can accumulate.

You don’t even have to be in the presence of negative energy to be affected by it. You come into contact with other people’s energy every single day through your online & phone interactions.

Energy protection creates a shield over your energy field, strengthening it’s resistance to outside energies and keeping your mind, body and spirit clean, safe and contained. 

When your aura and energy centres are clear & free of outside influences you feel amazing, highly intuitive, connected and vibrantly healthy.

Those are the days when the signs roll in and you can feel the Universe working with you.

Put simply it’s easier for your angels & the Universe to communicate with you! 

When your energy is drained and clogged with lower vibrations you can feel low, drained, depressed, anxious, disconnected and can even experience aches, pains, and other physical ailments.

It’s  times like these that your intuitive guidance fogs up.

A simple way to avoid these problems is to consistently protect your energy.

Every. Single. Day.

Not just the bad days! (By the time you know it’s a bad day, you’ve probably already been slimed)

An easy energy protection routine each morning will stop you from absorbing everyone else’s fear and stress energy.

If you are developing your spiritual gifts then energy protection is gonna be your best friend.

Protecting your energy only takes a few minutes of your day.

Here is one of my favourite ways to protect my energy:

Invoke the angels: “I invite my guardian angels and Archangel Michael to my side to protect and guide me.”

Visualise a beautiful white light surrounding your body and completely enveloping you.

Breathe deeply 3 x and make an intention to release any lower energies from within and around you. As you inhale, imagine drawing in the light, with every exhale visualize releasing fear and stress leaving as a grey mist

Now visualise or sense your whole body and aura brightly illuminated as if a light has switched on inside you.

Imagine a bright violet light in an oval shape surrounding your newly cleansed aura and body. Above, below, and on every side. This is Archangel Michael’s shield of protection. 

See or sense the violet shield as a thick layer, like an egg shell around your aura.

Know that this light shield filters out any lower toxic energies from infiltrating your mind, body and spirit.  

KNOW you are protected. Affirm I am protected in all ways by angelic light. 

Imagine roots growing from your feet and securing you into the earth beneath you.

Take a deep breath.  Thank your angels for the positive day ahead. 

If you have a heavy day of interactions, then consider re-doing this shielding process at lunchtime and/or at the end of your day. 

I challenge you to try this process every day for a week. Then write a comment below and tell me how much better you feel!

If you aren’t good at visualization here is an energy protection meditation you can use (It’s also on my Free Angel Library page.) Protection meditation.

When you honor and protect your energy daily your whole life will change for the better. 

Learn more about this subject in my book: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide to managing and protecting your energy

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock x

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