I had three separate conversations yesterday with different women who all run their own businesses and each one said the same thing, that they are changing the way that they work and live in order to have more time to rest, be with loved ones and focus on their passions or personal needs. After experiencing the deprivation and exhaustion that comes with over work, over giving and keeping everyone but themselves happy, they are finally putting their self care and their hearts desires much higher up the list. It’s not just these three, I am hearing the same story from friends, clients and seeing posts on social media all echoing a similar sentiment: I do not want to feel this resentful, tired, and deprived anymore, it is time for change.

I wanted to punch the air and yell “yessss”! each woman was listening to her inner truth, following her guidance and overcoming her fears, creating positive change for themselves, their families, their customers and their future. This is exactly what this year is all about, learning the lessons of our past, listening to our feelings and acting on them. Being true to ourselves! There is an awareness which has been swimming around in our unconscious minds for a long time: that the only real way to happiness and prosperity is peace.

The truth is that when we do let go of that struggle that we find that the long awaited net appears, that there is an unlimited Source available that can only really kick in when we take that leap of faith. Passion, ease and trust attract way more love, healing, money and opportunity than fear. Giving up a day’s income, or an unhealthy relationship, a project that never quite gets off the ground may seem on the surface to be foolish in a society where judgement and fear of financial and social insecurity are powerful influences, but in truth – spiritual truth it is the only way forward. Those draining and painful situations sap away life force and steal time. This life is ours to live, to follow our inner light and when we are happy, fulfilled and peaceful we suddenly have more to share with others and life flow.

The more that we chase security, love and peace, pushing it forever into the future, the less we actually have.The energy of struggle & desperation repels who and what we really want, and ultimately can make us sick, tired and resentful. What we want really amounts to peace, we want to buy it with more income, less debt, a partner, a better car but when we go about it in a non peaceful way we threaten our well being aka inner peace. Yes we can have these things and we still have some kind of “work”,to do but it feels more peaceful, intuitive and flowing rather than frantic, exhausting or uncomfortable.

I find that when fear is strong then the tendency is to bemoan “lack” and to respond in a fearful way with worry, stress and trying to control the outcome but taking back your power means changing your priorities, deciding that you will not be run by fear and this will switch your energy to a more receptive, clear and calm state that will allow you to hear your intuition and open to another way.

So the challenge right now is to discover what you can let go of or change that is dragging you down, making you crazy, causing you fear or trapping you into believing that you have no power? Start by opening your mind, and dumping the excuses! I can’t let go of my lousy job because my boss will be angry, or I will never find another partner/ job/ home at my age so I may as well stay unhappy where I am, I have to work 7 days a week else I will never get ahead. These negative affirmations are actually lies that cement you into your situation and make you feel like a victim, and once you are in the black hole of self pity it is very difficult to dig yourself out. Even your Angels cannot get through with guidance and comfort when you are feeling this way. Find a therapist, healer or friend to help you if you cannot stop and resolve to change the way that you think because it is blocking you more than you realize,Believe me, there is always a way forward, and it is only your fear that blinds you to the path way out of pain and into happiness.

Letting go is the magic plunger that can unplug all of those other blocked life areas, changing your thought processes will change everything, and letting go of that toxic relationship could also help you to return to a more positive mindset, changing your working hours could help you to lose the weight or letting go of something that makes you consistently angry could reduce inflammation in your body. Everything is connected, and usually when life does not make sense it is because we are avoiding or burying some inner truth that scares us.

There is a saying that what is for you will not pass you by, but the small print reads, “unless your life is already so full of what you do not want that it cannot come in” So find the courage & willingness to let go of what needs to go, seek support, and ask for guidance and signs that you are on the right track then trust your feelings about what comes next. Your angels can and will guide you, ask them, but remember only you decide what you let in and out. The power is yours! Use it wisely!

Angel blessings

Rachel Scoltock



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