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I’m studying A Course in Miracles again. It’s 365 life changing lessons to clear your mind and transform your life. A spiritual broom to the  heavy energy and ego mindset that blocks you from experiencing the magic of life.

“The Course” kick starts the mysterious forces of synchronicity, miracles and Divine guidance in your life by scrubbing clean your perception and opening your third eye.

There is a very do-able 1 minute lesson for every day of the year.

Today I am on lesson 3 “I do not understand anything I see.”

You look around the area for one minute and take in what you see, while repeating I do not understand this chair, this picture, this computer, this arm, this candle.

I understand today how I have attached so much meaning and my own interpretations to everything I see, so much so that often I do not even really look at what is in front of me.

I think I know and understand that chair, that window, that photo, that tree so well. I don’t really see them on a daily basis. I just make assumptions my attention is mostly elsewhere.

I am so caught up in my rambling thoughts, my to do list, fears, resentments, inspecting my wrinkles in the mirror that I miss vital and exciting and more important stuff.

Meanwhile I may be missing opportunities, beauty, potential new friends, kindness, signs from the Universe. The way my sun-catchers are casting rainbows, the kookaburra on the fence staring right at me, the fact that my wrinkles are not the only and most important thing about me?

We miss so much, by attaching judgment and meaning to everything. (in the extreme this is how racism happens)

If I do this to chairs and trees it is likely I am also doing this to friends, strangers and the beauty of nature, I do not see them as they really are. I do not see myself as I really am.

Have you ever been irritated with a person who doesn’t seem to see you as you are now, but how you used to be? (or how they assume you to be?) Maybe your family treat you like the petulant 14 year old you once were but you have changed, grown, you’ve achieved amazing things and you have so much more emotional depth than you did back then.

Maybe you aren’t seeing the truth of some people in your life because you are looking at them through an old blurry filter. You only see the resentment, the past, the problems. Or maybe you aren’t seeing them at all.

This is precisely what The Course is addressing, the exercises slowly peel back the veils of judgment, fear and assumption we’ve placed over our minds.

These veils keep us occupied so completely that we miss the abundance, miracles and love that are right there.

Do you remember the daft but profound TV commercial for KitKat chocolate bars a few years ago?

A group of photographers at the zoo had their fancy cameras pointed at a panda enclosure.

They’d been there a while,  staring bored through their viewfinders at the empty mouth of a cave where the pandas were hiding and presumably asleep.

Fed up, the photographers turned their backs on the enclosure for a snack.

The panda’s burst out from the cave dancing, doing somersaults and riding bikes, before silently disappearing again.

The photographers, none the wiser,  finished their snack and turned around to an empty enclosure.

We are all  like those photographers, we think we know what to expect, we see the same old life day after day, minute after minute through a filter of assumptions.

But while we are distracted by our past, the resentments and worries,  the Universe is performing magic.

There’s synchronicity, opportunities, miracles, gifts and epic stuff all bouncing around just out of view.

Cleansing your energy of the past and refocusing your mind will tear the veil away and miracles become a normal part of every day life.

PS an hour after writing this blog I saw a Koala for the first time in 7 months on the walk I do almost every day!

Happy miracle making! Photo Credit Ying Wu- Unsplash

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Blessings Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium

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