Three Ways You Could Be Pushing Away Wealth

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The 3 ways you could be pushing away success, prosperity, and love without even knowing it.

Dear Abundant One,

Do you realize that you are destined for greatness?  Everything is set up in your favor. You are naturally designed to be prosperous, secure, loved, and supported in all ways. Do you believe me?

I never believed this entirely until I discovered how I had been holding myself back! Then everything changed. Once I did the work and focused my mind, I went from struggle street to rich abundance almost overnight!

As a spiritual sacred being, you are NOT meant to struggle, suffer and scramble to make ends meet. There is no time limit on success. Neither is it your soul plan to drain your precious energy through worry about paying bills and you are certainly not meant to Force anything, compete or hustle to make life happen.

Prosperity IS your absolute divine right when you are aligned it will come to you in a way that feels good right and easy. Divine abundance chases you, not the other way around.

If you are experiencing more of unpredictable drip rather than a sacred flow then there is a high chance that you are repelling abundance without even realizing how and it has everything to do with your energy! Read on!

First I want to share something I’ve never spoken about publicly: A few years ago, I was struggling to pay bills and survive. I was working so hard and I had what looked from the outside like a successful healing business but  I almost completely burnt out from all the giving I was doing with very little in return.  I was busy, yes, but little did I know that I was pushing away real wealth and prosperity without knowing it. Once I saw it and used simple methods to transform and align my energy and mindset, everything changed. I became an irresistible magnet for wonderful clients and real abundance. What used to be hard and exhausting became easy, and everything I’d been working for years towards, just fell in my lap.

Here are 3 of the ways you could be blocking and repelling abundance in your life:

  1. Guilt and Shame- are major money repellants and fostering any unconscious or secret guilt will keep you stuck in low-end income and accepting way less than you deserve ad infinitum. These energies are sneaky, acting like a virus they’ll undermine every creative opportunity and dream you have because the silent subtext is “You don’t deserve…” Releasing guilt, shame and blame unlocks your divine wealth and gives you back your energy and power in bucket loads. When you finally accept that you do not need to punish yourself any longer, you will become the person you were destined to be.
  2. Unhealed Trauma: wounds trigger your fight, flight or fawn wiring keeping you in psychic and emotional anxiety. Highly sensitive, empaths and creatives learn to function with anxiety running beneath the surface as a silent saboteur, keeping you “SAFE” which really means small, invisible and broke. Trauma and anxiety will cause you to sabotage yourself when it comes to breaking your cycle of lack and scarcity by creating a drama or convincing you that it’s wrong to accept real prosperity doing what you love!  Clearing your trauma cords (which by the way can also be related to past lives, ancestral lines, personal experience or even witnessed on TV) will unburden your body and energy system of years of low-level anxiety, shame, blame and poverty which have anchored you into fear.
  3. The energies you surround yourself with – Back when I was working my toosh off building my new healing practice, I had a bestie. We spoke almost every day. We vented, laughed and shared almost everything. She was in a drama relationship with a no gooder, while struggling to feed her kids. She seemed supportive of my business she certainly loved the free readings, but shortly after publishing my first book, she stopped returning my calls. When I finally caught up with her: she admitted something that blew my mind: This woman who was my closest friends had been praying that I would NOT be successful! She was afraid I would Leave her behind if I reached my goals.
  4. She admitted feeling jealous and angry that I was trying to lift my life up higher than the poverty level that she could not see herself overcoming. She wanted me to stay “down” with her and she was highly resentful that I seemed to be succeeding. She preferred me broke! l

There are lots of versions of this story in the world, there are people who are so jealous, competitive and unhappy that they would rather you failed so they can feel better. They’ll steal your ideas, drain your wallet, demoralize you with their comments, chip away at your confidence and suck you dry with their demands because they don’t believe in themselves and you rising threatens them. They’ll swear they can’t live without you whilst stabbing you in the back.

These unhappy souls have a lot to learn on their spiritual path and part of that is knowing that they CAN rise too if they’d allow themselves to be inspired by you. However, you can’t afford to hang around and host energy leeches in your aura. Remove their hooks and let them go with love. If you can’t walk away, avoid them as much as possible. and definitely, do not share your dreams and ideas so they can shovel manure onto them. Protect your energy and enjoy the flow of new abundance which comes in as a result.

Releasing these MAJOR saboteurs from your energy will open the floodgates to abundance because It is simply a  Law, you cannot travel in two directions at the same time, you are either going down or up. You choose!
I had all three and then some. I was drowning in trauma, shame and energy vampires!

Trauma, guilt and toxic relationships will hold your vibration down and away from your higher natural energy frequency of abundance, they keep you stuck and forever believing that you are not going to win ever. The truth is so close, be willing to let go and do the clearing work, it is worth it and it won’t take forever.

Remember: Abundance is natural. Scarcity is not.

Isn’t it time that you RISE to attract the abundance that you deserve? LIFE is waiting for you to step into your true power, claim your worth, follow your star and accept that you deserve to be supported, nourished and abundantly supplied in all that you do.

Love and blessings Rachel Scoltock

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Angel blessings!
Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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