Angels are your spiritual protectors, messengers, healers and guides. They are beings of bright light & Love who are always on call 24 hours a day.

Everyone has access to angelic help, you have two or more personal protectors devoted to your well being.  Did you know that there is an army of angels & archangels ready and willing to assist you with anything and everything in your life:

There are hundreds of redundant Guardian angels waiting for you to call on them!

Most people either forget or do not realize they can ask for Angelic help.  Some people tell me they worry that maybe the angels are too busy or that they’d be disturbing a more important angelic mission.

It’s OK, there are more than enough angels to go around!

Your angels want you to ask them at anytime for anything…they want you to feel the fulfillment of following your true path.

Your guardian angels will help you with anything provided you ask them, if you don’t, they watch you struggle with your life challenges, wishing that you would just invite them to help!

No, they’re not mean, they simply cannot fully intervene unless they have your permission because of the spiritual law of free will.

You have complete sovereignty over your life through the gift of choice. This means that if you choose not to ask for spiritual guidance…they cannot do much about it.

If you dive into a pit of snakes, eat too much chocolate or date Donald Trump they can’t stop you!

Here are three Angel Invoking suggestions that are sure to bring you fast results:

1. Be Clear
Whether you need a parking space or the money for a new car. Angels can and will do their best to guide you. However fuzzy apologetic requests produce confused results. It is OK to ask for whatever you want (provided it is not harming anyone) Ask for one thing at a time with clear intention.Be clear about what you want, Angels love clarity

2. ASK Aloud. A spoken angel invocation goes a long way towards fast results. When you speak aloud your voice radiates a power and sound frequency that is yours alone. The spoken word is a powerful and oft forgotten manifesting tool that allows you to be clear and focused. A written prayer is also great and less likely to get you funny looks in the street!

 I ask for the presence and assistance of my Guardian Angels. Angels thank you for being beside me and making your presence known. I give you full permission to protect and guide me,and intervene where necessary.Please help me with …………

3. Then Let it go….do your best to uncurl your sticky fingers from the issue and hand it over. The angels tell me that us control freak humans often ask for help.. but then lock on like a puppy to a shoe, refusing to actually let them intervene. If it is an emergency then they will rush in, but if it is a more non urgent request you need to give your angel buddies the space to get the job done their way!

Don’t take  my word for it, give it a try, call on your angels this week and let me know with an email what happens

Love Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel medium, Author and Teacher.

She transforms peoples lives by connecting them to their Angels and giving meaningful and transformative readings and releasing energy blockages through healing. She works with clients around the world through distance and in person consultations, seminars, retreats and classes.


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