How to Stop Your Thoughts From Working Against You

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Do you sometimes feel as though your thoughts are working against you? This article will help you to overcome those fear thoughts and stop them from sabotaging you.

You might notice that your mind comes up with negative thoughts, especially when you start something new?

Perhaps your mind runs imaginary confrontations or past experiences, you worry about what other people think, or you feel bad about yourself and your position in life.

These kinds of thoughts can seem torment you, they can ruin even the happiest of occasions and keep you from fulfilling your goals.

Though it can seem difficult to do, uplifting your mind by changing your thoughts is vital to healing yourself and your life.

You cannot create a new positive healed future when your present thoughts, words and consequent emotions are focused on your past pain, future fears or present complaints.

Here is what the angels have to say about negative thoughts:

Dear one, your thoughts and emotions create an energy which can become a powerful force of good or a fearful bond which drains and entangles you. When you feel unable to free yourself of negativity, please sincerely call on us we can help you ” Your Angels.

You may be praying for spiritual help and your dreams to come true but  the angels simply cannot deliver your new manifestations if your mind and energy are clogged with negative thoughts, resentments and fears.

Your body reacts to these harsh thoughts and emotions with stress and anxiety!

Resentment, guilt, and self criticism act like an anchor holding you down in lower frequencies. This prevents you from fulfilling your hearts desires.

You can free yourself from these draining thoughts and patterns by using new higher vibrational thoughts that will uplift, empower and heal you. These thoughts can include gratitude, affirmations, and even visualizations to refocus your mind.

I have compiled a PDF list of Angel Affirmations HERE especially for you to help you to replace negative thoughts with powerful positive energy and ideas. 

You can easily download and use these affirmations to change your mindset, sh open your heart and start attracting the love, healing and abundance you truly deserve and desire. ( Please feel free to pass these affirmations on to anyone you know could use them!)

  • I suggest that you choose at least one of the affirmations to memorize and repeat non stop whenever you find yourself tempted to go into negative mental scenarios
  • Use the voice recorder on your mobile phone to record yourself saying the entire list. Replay it each morning and evening to cleanse your thoughts.
  • Select one or two of the affirmations to use in your meditations or write them down on sticky labels and put them around your home, car and office.
  • Use prayer to ask your angels to protect your mind from negative influences and to help you to forgive yourself and others.
  • Use one of my angel library meditations to clear and protect your energy against negativity so you can keep fear at bay.

When you change your thinking and cleanse your energy, you create a positive light around your body and mind, then you will keep the negativity from controlling your life so you can make positive changes!

Working with the angels and regularly cleansing your energy can strengthen your energy field and protect your mind from negative thoughts and vibrations.

There are several clearing meditations on my website on the Free Angel Library. For a deeper clearing and healing join my next Archangel Attunement Session.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

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