The Truth About Psychic Readings

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Have you ever had a reading or a horoscope that was scary or depressing? 

I have, and it shook me to the core

However, when I figured out the truth, the experience became an important life lesson.

This happened years ago, before I discovered my life purpose as an Angel medium and healer, I’d been backpacking around the outback of Australia for months.

I was completely heartbroken; my visa had expired and I was due to fly back home from Cairns to the island of Jersey (UK) the next day.

I decided to see a psychic to find out if Australia really was going to be my home in the future.

I pulled back the velvet blue curtain at the back of the bookshop to find a dour looking man glaring at me as he shuffled his tarot cards.

An hour later I left that gloomy room in tears, wishing I’d never entered.

The ‘miserable medium’cast a dark cloud over my future big enough to dull the beautiful Cairns sunshine!

According to him,  I was not coming back to Australia, doomed to become an alcoholic and spend my days working in an office job! 

It took a 4 hour flight and a 2 night stopover in New Zealand before I stopped bawling ,and figured it out…

He was full of $#!^

Wiping my tears, I renewed my visa in Auckland and flew back to Australia.

I took back MY power over MY future

And I never looked back!

I am an Australian Citizen, I own my own flourishing business and I don’t drink!

You see, no one’s future is set in stone!

No one has the right to project their ego into your life.

The power is within each of us, to decide what we are going to create or attract into our lives.

There are many futures, that could unfold, but in the end it all comes down to YOU, your decisions, your thoughts, and your actions.

If I had believed Mr Happy Pants, I would possibly have stayed depressed and stuck for much longer than 3 days, i might have even given up on my dream of becoming an Aussie Citizen!

Luckily my intuition ( and angels) and my personal power kicked in!

It turns out that this experience served me well and I learned a lot.

When I decided to become a professional Angel Medium and Therapist the ‘miserable medium’ was on my mind.

I vowed I would NEVER become the kind of psychic healer that left people feeling worse after they left me.

I wanted to be a trustworthy channel for the angels and to leave people feeling better, supported, inspired, healed and EMPOWERED

I made a strong intention to be in INTEGRITY and tell the TRUTH !

And, if a clear answer doesn’t come, say so- never ever just make one up!!

When someone needs to know that they are on the wrong track, or if they are creating negative karma- I always tell the truth with grace and love and offer alternative guidance.

It’s important to know that we don’t (and shouldn’t try to) control every aspect of our lives( or other people’s) We must leave room for the Divine to intervene!

Control blocks us and creates anxiety.

It also helps to know that most things are not predestined.

Which means that the power is within YOU!

In more than 15 years, if the angels ever had a warning message for a client- it always came gently with guidance and insight as to how to avoid negative outcomes.

Otherwise what is the point?

Angel messages come with a lot of loving guidance about how to manifest what you want and
how to overcome your challenges, remove blocks and find your inner power.

An angel reading will help you to heal your pain and release your fears. An Ego reading will do the opposite.

If you have read or received a negative prediction:

  • Understand that it likely isn’t true or real and has come from the ego of the person giving it.

  • Remember that every psychic, healer or astrologer has a filter – some people are negative and fear based, others are positive and love based- choose the latter.

  • Some psychics, healers and therapists are 100 percent in their EGO and ego is not psychic or healing! ( but it hooks you in which makes the person seem all knowing, and powerful)

  • An ego based session will leave you feeling upset, worse than when you walked in, anxious, bad about yourself and others, judged and powerless.

  • A Love based experienced directed from God and the angels will leave you feeling uplifted hopeful, healed, lighter, excited about the future, loved, and empowered!

    Never give your power away: I always say the angels work in tangent with me and my clients during readings

The most important guidance is your own, trust your feelings.

Rachel x

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Have a wonderful week!

Sending you blessings Rachel Scoltock x



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