The Steps and Signs of Transformation

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Are you praying for change in your life? Putting out to the Universe and your angels for something new, perhaps you are sick and tired of feeling stuck, anxious and repeating the same old patterns again and again.Maybe you are waking up to your worth and expecting more for yourself than you’ve previously accepted.

There is no shame in wanting more for yourself, personal growth, relief from pain, and aspiration are part of being a living breathing soul on earth. Change is a measurement of your growth.

Stagnation is not an option for your soul. When you try to stay stuck it feels awful!

As a Divine being with creative energy, you keep the Universe going by following your heart and forging new pathways. With every seeming mistake you make: disasterous relationships and dead end jobs, bad investments: you learn both what you DO want, and what you do not want in your future, and so you adjust your course and manifest again and again. There are really no mistakes because we are always learning and growing. Once you forgive yourself for where you are and any messes you have been in, you can truly make a change..

There are angels who are there to specifically help you with transformation, you can change anything that you want in your life. One of the transformational angels is Archangel Zadkiel his energy is a dark purple and he brings high vibrations, motivation and wise advice. ( Zadkiel features in today’s angel video reading)

Over my 15 year career working to help transform people’s lives with the help of the angels and energy work,  I’ve noticed a few common denominators on the path to real positive transformation.
There are some of the key steps and signs on the path to deep positive change and radiant transformation

  1. The Cosmic Kick– a painful wake up call or hitting rock bottom. For some of us ( ahem who me?) change can be difficult to contemplate, FEAR can convince you of a million reasons NOT to leave that toxic situation or move forward. If you’ve been nudged a few times, then the Universe/ your Soul will sometimes bring things to a head. I was fired once from a job that was so toxic I threw up every morning for 4 years! Life got instantly better and I never threw up after that day.(Thanks Universe!)
  2. Reaching out for help– This is when you drop to your knees and cry to your angels, you call your therapist/ healer, search online for a coach. you Realize that you cannot stand a moment longer of the old way and you NEED to do something about it. ( This is a super important moment in your life and will raise your vibes considerably)
  3. Synchronicity– a relevant book falls off a shelf infront of you, you hear about a course you want to do, you encounter a healer who resonates with you, you meet someone who has been where you are, you see lots of angel numbers 111, 444, 333, 555, hear songs that speak to you. Trust your feelings.
  4. Healing– with help you begin release and heal the pain in your life,  traumas, old patterns. as you heal from the situations that you’ve lived through you see how this pain led to you accept WAY less than you deserve until now. You start to see your unhealthy coping mechanisms and you stop being so hard on yourself, Guilt,shame and blame start to disappear.
  5. Vision– with all that free healed space in your aura and mind, your angels and your Soul can finally get through and you start to get a sense of what is possible. Your purpose, your passion and your feeling of being connected returns. Your day and night dreams align. You couldn’t see the path before because your frequency and self worth were too low. You start to know what you want.
  6. Clearing out– clearing clutter mentally triggers a need to get rid of the clutter in your outer life, you might feel a need to relocate, change your car, redecorate, lose weight, change your whole wardrobe, drop a few people off your Christmas card list and dump the energy vampires! Do it!
  7. Self belief: As you change your thoughts about yourself and your abilities, new energy floods in. You feel more creative and excited and begin to attract new opportunities. When you believe in yourself anything is possible.
  8. Freak outs– it is normal during a big life transformation to get scared and want to crawl back to the old ways of doing things. Your soul is now leading the way, but your ego wants control again. This is where support comes in, a good therapist and intuitive coach will recognize the self sabotage and call you on it and help you to get through any anxiety and grief.
  9. Signs of encouragement: the synchronicities and signs speed up, you meet a gallery curator who wants to display your art, a new friend introduces you to her sibling and there is an undeniable spark, a publisher calls you and offers you a retainer. Something big happens. Your energy is now strong and stable enough to receive what you’ve been asking for.
  10. Take a Leap: Suddenly one day, sooner than you think, it all falls into place. You step into your new reality and you cannot beleive how amazing you feel. Your vision broadans and you can see even more possibilities and you are living from your new perspective rather than just day dreaming about it.

These steps do not necessarily happen in order, but they are all important to  reclaim your Divine inborn power and transform your life to the highest level.

You can do anything, you are amazing, only your fear and self doubt tell you otherwise.

This is not the real you, it’s a part of you that you developed to protect your sensitive self from disappointment, abuse and trauma.

With your power intact you no longer will need this defensive sabotuer to keep you safe and invisible!

You will be protected by your light and the power you invoke just by being your true authentic magnificent self.

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Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel channel, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Transformational Teacher and author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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