The Signs of Empath Burnout

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Do you over-give and find yourself drained, exhausted and run down? So many empathic, loving people just forget that they have to recharge their own energy or seriously under estimate how much energy they need to keep themselves healthy. This can lead to burnout.

Empaths are loving people who are very connected to the world through their emotional energy.
Empaths are what I call “Super-Sensory” they have an extra dose of compassion with a deeply giving nature, and a tendency to feel the pain of the world within their own bodies and emotions.

It can be hard for a true empath to focus on their own energy and self care, because they give so much, they can seem like miracle workers sometimes.

However, They can get caught up giving, giving, giving, doing, doing, doing, saving the world!

In doing so they can miss the signs from their body and intuition screaming at them to slow down and look after their own energy. Learning to look after your own energy and body is a major life lesson that all empaths need to learn!!

Some of the signs of empath burnout include: 

  • Feeling lack of abundance, blocked manifesting
  • Extreme emotion including sadness
  • Feeling completely drained and without energy
  • Bodily symptoms that cannot be ignored
  • Sensitivity to light, sounds and electronics
  • Feeling disconnected from loved ones
  • Overwhelm wanting to sleep/ tune out
  • Life falling apart (loss of job, loved one, relationship, car breaks down etc )
  • A strong urge to align with your life purpose but not sure how
  • Intense dreams, restless sleep.
  • Wanting to leave a job, relationship or any situation where you feel stuck for a more meaningful life.
  • Feeling lost.

All of these symptoms can happen when your life force is drained and your aura is over-full. They also happen because you are being strongly and urgently nudged to make a major life change to align with your soul.

In this video I give you a bunch of essential strategies to take care of your personal energy field to prevent & recover from burn out.

PS please see your medical professional about any symptoms.

When you learn to honour your sensitivity and spiritual gifts by clearing cluttered energy and cords from within and managing your aura you will find that the voice of your soul grows louder and the guidance that you need to align your life will come through loud and clear! ( My book Loving Your Sensitive Self is all about managing your energy)

Your vital energy will recharge and build up a strong radiant field around you which attracts all that you need to support you

Remember that you are precious and the Divine wants to give to you so you can serve on a bigger scale.

This week’s video reading ” Light up the world with your purpose” is here

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium,Energy Therapist, Author




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