The Guardian Angels and All They Do For Us


This month we are honoring our Guardian Angels and all that they do for us!

Everyone has guardian angels, no matter what their beliefs, denomination or country of origin.

Angels have watched over us since the beginning of time before any spiritual texts claimed them as their own.

“Angel” is the name WE give them but other cultures and languages use other names such as Ancestor Guides, creator spirits,  Devas,

They’re benevolent, winged beings of light who watch over us, teach us important lessons and guide our paths.

Your guardian angels are yours and yours alone.

They know you better than anyone. They’ve been by your side since before you were born and will stay with you beyond the time when you leave your earthly body.

Your Guardian Angels are part of your soul. Because of this they’re the best guide to tune into when you feel stuck, or need to understand your current life lesson.

June marks the 2022 Solstice – this is a time when the earth and heavenly energy is strong and a gateway opens to release what is burdening you and to invite in new intentions and gifts.

It’s the perfect moment to connect with your guardian angels for guidance about what is coming next in your life.

This month’s Guardian Angel Attunement Event falls a few days before the Solstice when the energy is rising.

In this live Zoom session (with a Recording available after) I will guide you through a powerful exercise to meet your Guardian angels,  know their name, receive guidance and release burdens and obstacles.

You’ll be blessed by the angels as you attune to their vibration so you can more easily sense, see, hear and know their presence at any moment.

You’ll be guided through the gateway of Solstice as you let go of the heaviness and fear that you’ve accumulated. You’ll receive guidance for your new beginning. This is an oppportunity to set intentions that will unfold in the next 6 months!
The June Solstice Guardian Angel Event will fall on the 17th June 2022
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If you want to take your spiritual and healing journey to a deeper level in 2022 join me for the Awaken Your Soul Gifts Program, starting July 5th 2022. A 4 week Live taught program to activate your intuitive power, build trust in your messages and receive crystal-clear guidance for your next steps.

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