The Great Shift 21/12/20 at Uluru

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Can you feel it? The energy is building up for the Great Shift on December 21st 2020!

This line in the sand moment is going to ripple across the world but it begins at Uluru, NT, Australia.

Uluru is a sacred site owned by the Anangu Traditional Owners who have occupied the area since time began.

Uluru (dubbed Ayers Rock by the European colonists) is the solar plexus chakra of the world, a power site with immense energy sitting on crucial songlines.

The traditional owners are said to be holding  sacred ceremony there on the 21st December 2020 to unlock the energies as the 

At the same time as this long prophesied shift ( said to be the beginning of the age of Aquarius) there is a once in 3000 year planetary Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction and the Solstice.

This shift is said to be a gateway or a portal which will positively  uplift the earth  frequency changing the world on a massive scale, bringing peace, harmony and illuminating the ley lines of the planet.

The Schumann resonance scale is already showing enormous changes in the frequency of the earth.

I spoke about this at the  Violet Flame Webinar,

My Journey.

What is rapidly becoming clear is the connection between many seemingly random events of and all my visits there. As you may know I have hosted an annual retreat at Uluru over the past 5 yeaars. I go there as often as I can. I was drawn there again in December before I really understood this big event was centred there. 

I have on occasion “seen” a big crystal beneath Uluru, seen spirit people walking out of Uluru  and white birds like huge swallows flying out of  the top. It’s a huge portal and powersite. So intensely spiritual and healing. It’s been going through a cleanse since tourists were banned finally, from climbing it in 2019.

A pure white bird swooped my car last time I visited in October 2019 for the closing of the climb. I’ve had many visions and wonderful experiences there. 

I was on my way to the airport after a final moment at the base of Uluru, I almost swerved off the road ! It was a sign and as if this bird was escorting me along the road as I left.

I synchronistically met the Dalai Lama at he base of Uluru in 2015 and was honored to shake his hand, he left Uluru to visit Glastonbury and Mt Shasta other sacred chakra sites of earth. (I believe His Holiness plays a part in this shift) and last night I dreamed of the Himalayas.

All of this and all my other experiences and “guidance” is now making sense in the bigger context of this upcoming shift.

I’ve been told that the ceremony and combined high frequency energy of earth’s inhabitants will ignite the energy of Uluru, sending the light energy to all the earth’s sacred sites, energising the planet once more. I’ve heard that star beings are involved. I know the angels are. 

So what does this mean for you?

  • This is a shift that will impact all of humanity, it will reignite and empower all the sacred sites of the world which have been drained by their misuse, abuse and fear in the world.
  • This is a chance for us to start living aligned with peace, love and unity not fear, greed and division. Making it easier to live without fear, to make choices based on your heart rather than fear. To listen to your soul, to know and be your authentic self.
  • To have the Indigenous wisdom keepers and guardians of this world be in their rightful spot – respected, teaching and leading us to mend the planet and take care of her as we should.
  • To raise the earth frequency up 
  • to raise collective energy from the frankly insane low, destructive levels we’ve allowed it to fall to.
  • There are other reasons and outcomes , many unknown by me and people like me,
  • known by the Anangu and other Indigenous people of Australia and the world.

What you can do

This will begin  21/12/2020 at around 9.04 pm Northern Territory Australia time.

You are asked to send pure intentions of Divine Love,  light, prayers, and visualize light.

You do not need to be there. Energy goes where thoughts flow. 

Before that you are asked to purify yourself and your intentions and send pure love, daily if you can. Use the violet flame, angels, saging yourself, chanting, meditation to cleanse yourself and your space.

Send love to Uluru and to the intention of immense light and peace spreading across the globe for the highest good of all.

Hold the planet, all creatures, people, plants,  minerals, the sky, stars, sun, moon and your own life in gratitude. Wishing only loving kindness and peace for all. Visualize pure whitelight and send angels. That day at some time. Just do your best! Pure intentions create pure outcomes! 

Let the Indigenous Law Keepers do their work.

The last thing that is needed is a “new age” appropriation of this situation. This isn’t about ego,  or self, or appearing the most spiritual! That shiz will kick back! It’s about holding space for the earth and doing our individual darnedest to be respectful, present and lightfilled with intention and action. We are all one. Focus intently on uplifting the consciousness of mother earth. 

You are as sacred and Divine as the next person and your intentions and prayers are needed – please join us in sending love, light and high intentions towards Uluru for earth andtune in with meditation at 9.02 pm Northern Territory Australia time. Use this link  to work out what time that is in your town.

You can focus on the above photo to send energy. if you can meditate and pray every day before and on that day. You can do it at 9 pm NT time or anytime during the 21st and 22nd. Focus on sending light from your base or third eye.

There are many posts now appearing across the internet with differing times and differing ways to connect with this important moment.

Here is a link with direct instructions and more information.

No one can say what this upgrade in consciousness and frequency will look and feel like as it unfolds. There will be a crucial moment of light  though. It will likely unfold over many years. I feel that it will show in big and small ways, a feeling of lightness, an ease in restriction and heaviness that we have experienced in the past.

Thank you! Angel Blessings

Love and light Rachel Scoltock

To hear what I said about this  and how to clear your energy at the Violet Flame Webinar go here

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