The Cure for FOMO

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Have you ever had FOMO? The fear that comes up when you feel you are missing out on life?

Maybe you see someone who seems to have their life together; they’re successful, happy, following their dreams in a way that you would like to do.

But instead of being happy for them, you get a horrible sinking feeling.

Don’t worry: It doesn’t mean you are a bad person.

It only means that you fear being left behind.

Self comparison and FOMO ( the Fear of Missing Out) are total joy sucking emotions especially when you feel stuck and disatisfied with your own situation.

But have you ever considered that your FOMO feelings could be guidance?

Because like any kind of envy, FOMO simply shows you that you are ready for a Divinely guided change to a happier and more fulfilling path.

When you have a clear direction with a sense of purpose & passion it’s impossible to be upset by other people’s happiness.

The best way to get on your Soul aligned path (and cure FOMO forever) is to connect with your guidance.

If you sense that there is a happier, more fulfilling path for you.Then you can 100 percent guarantee that your angels are waiting to guide you there.

The guidance is waiting for you!

You don’t have to struggle alone , suffering from self comparison and trying to figure out how you can make your dreams come true.

You only need to connect with your guidance & follow each step!

The moment you step onto that path you will be cured of the dreaded FOMO!

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