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I want to share something amazing that happened for me recently.

I was invited to Sydney to present a Connect with your Angels workshop (I will be there on August 3rd (if you’d like to join me, all the details are here)

An amazing chain of events lead to this synchronistic offer. I could not have manufactured these events, this even in my wildest imagination!

This all began months ago when I told my angels that I was ready to start teaching in-person classes again, and I needed their help!

As usual, I had no idea HOW my prayer could be answered.
Aaaand as usual, I thought I did know.

I even tried to make it happen and got a very strong sign that showed me that this was NOT the right path for me!

(Have you ever had one of those spiritual “slaps”??They hurt!? )

Lesson learned! I pressed pause on my limited human ideas and waited for a Divine answer.

Importantly, I visualised a scenario of a man calling me and inviting me to host an event.

Behind the scenes, the angels were cooking up a Divinely perfect scenario with amazing people, at a gorgeous venue!

The more I learn about this situation, the more amazing and aligned it becomes.

It is sooo much better than my version which involved me going back to OLD situations that I had outgrown years ago!?

I am sure our angels (compassionately) roll about laughing at limited ideas and our attempts to “make things happen!” (and I bet they LOVE to hear our gratitude and see our happy faces when their Divine miracles arrive)

I was able to laugh at myself, but it did get me thinking about how our human ego tries to control everything!

We always try to figure out every step. We want to know exactly how it will work out and HOW to get there! We even try to control the signs.

Along the way, we lose the magic we derail our Divine guidance.  

That’s when we start to feel lost, stuck, and blocked!

The point of this story is, that I bet you could use some angel intervention in your life right now! 

I know I say this a lot, but your first step to receiving a Divinely perfect outcome is to ASK CLEARLY and specifically for what you want.

Ask for the outcome. See yourself receiving it and have faith that it will come to you in Divine and perfect ways..

Then let go of HOW you think it should, could, or might happen. Just know that it will happen.

The angels know the way. They’ll not only work out the details, they’ll guide you on the right path, every step of the way.

All you have to do is follow their signs and accept the guidance when it comes.

Trust that their outcome will be even better than any outcome you could possibly imagine!

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

Join me In Sydney for the Connect with Angels Event! August 3rd 2023 Link here to find out more


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