How To Tell Whether Your Guidance Is Real or False

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Do you ever feel confused about your spiritual guidance?

Years ago a psychic told me I would become an alcoholic and never return to Australia, I don’t drink and I am an Australian Citizen now 20 years later. I cried for days over that ego reading however it taught me an important lesson for when I would be giving readings for others and myself : How to tell if guidance is real or false, even if it comes from within.

Clear guidance is something we all want and need, especially at critical times in our lives when there is an important decision to be made.  How do you really know if you are being guided by Angels and Spirit or lead up the garden path by your ego or a lower being? How can we discern genuine Spiritual Guidance from the chatter and hum of life, technology and a million opinions?

Have you ever followed the signs and what you felt was guidance only to find out that you read the signs wrongly and ended up in a bad situation?
Or have you asked and asked for help and received conflicting spiritual guidance, leaving you even more confused than before?
Maybe you feel stuck and feeling as if you are not getting any guidance at all and wondering if you are missing something?
True spiritual guidance is very different from fear and ego, but if you are not informed you can easily be duped.
Read on to discover the 10 ways to discern true guidance from false:

True Guidance is Repetitive and Consistent.

False guidance, which comes from the ego, chops and changes as the ego searches for a quick fix solution to your challenge. Spiritual guidance stays consistent both in repeatingit’s message and in aligning the guidance with what you are asking for.
A great example of this happened to me a few years ago when I was seeking a new home, I repeatedly envisioned myself sitting on a beachside veranda with my dog. My ego kept trying to sabotage me by thinking up different options for my potential move, which only succeeded in keeping me stuck in procrastination. Eventually, I got the message and my house hunt lead me to that exact beachside home in a local town. This turned out to be the best location for my business and my dog!

True Guidance works, false guidance keeps you stuck.

True guidance works, when you follow it you will feel a shift, and know that you are moving towards your goal and intentions. False guidance just keeps you running in circles.
At times the answer to your prayers could be “not yet” so you need to have patience and focus on tying up loose ends and taking care of yourself. If you rush or feel pushed then that is usually your ego guiding you to jump the gun and ignore your intuition ( Rushing always causes you to override your intuition which is why marketers use imaginary time pressures to manipulate you into making a decision)

True Guidance is for your highest good ( which is also everyone else’s)

Knowing this will save you so much heartache.  Your highest good is never found via the road of pain, lies, suffering or drama. Your highest good means the healthiest path that leads to the best outcome that fits your soul’s path.
True guidance comes from the Divine AKA the Universe, the Source of Highest good, so it would never guide you to a negative or unhealthy situation or call on you to go against your integrity. Spirit guides you to situations, people and ideas that bring you peace, happiness and success which align with who you really are and your highest vision for yourself.
Reaching for your highest good will likely take you out of your comfort zone but will stretch you in a way that feels good and helps you to grow.
Sally asked me if the angels wanted her to stay with her abusive boyfriend because she had always believed that he was her soul mate. When I asked her if this felt like it was for her Highest good, she answered no. Staying was not her angels’ guidance.

True Guidance is a no-brainer

Intuition bypasses your analytical indecisive mind and goes right to the heart. When you know, you know- in your body, heart and soul. In these situations you say yes before even thinking, you just KNOW without any doubt that your decision is right for you.
Ego comes in a second later, second-guessing the absolute YES or NO with doubt and questions.  If you have been taught as most of us have, to second guess your intuition then you will have trouble believing and following your true guidance.

True Guidance makes sense

Your guidance will resonate with your inner knowing, and it will make perfect sense to you and your situation. In a way, it is an AHA moment where you clearly see how it is all going to work out.

Your guidance will get stronger over time

And sometimes will intensify. For instance, you have known it is time to leave that job, start a new business, write the book or heal the past, but you keep putting it off with excuses and fear. Then one day something either pushes you or highlights the need to take that step.

Genuine Guidance is Given One Step at a Time

Life happens step by step, we rarely achieve the whole picture at once, and our choices, actions and thoughts have an influence on how things work out.
When you want to make a big change in your life, the guidance will often be very basic, encouraging you to take one small step, which will eventually lead to other changes. It is easy to dismiss these steps because you are waiting for the big leap!
For instances years ago when I was praying for stronger clairvoyant visions I was expecting to wake up one day seeing a 3D angel beside me,  but what I got was consistent repetitive nudges to buy a juicer. The freshvegies and fruit cleansed my system and lead to super clear visions and the next steps directed me to let go of ingesting meat and alcohol which also improved my psychic channels.
Once you follow step one, the second step will be delivered and then the third until you achieve your intention.

True Guidance is Loving and kind

Your Angels will never guide you to harm yourself or another in any way. Your guidance won’t direct you to eat unhealthy foods, visit toxic locations, hang out with people who are not good for you or do anything that is out of integrity. You won’t be threatened or shown upsetting predictions.

True Spiritual guidance feels peaceful, loving and gentle. If for any reason you are warned about something it will be done gently in a way that helps you to avoid that situation.

If you feel negative, cold, dark, unhappy or fearful about your guidance then that is not true guidance! ( this includes predictions, readings and healings from others who can easily be tuned into fear)
If this happens immediately call on Archangel Michael to protect and clear you and dismiss those ideas as ego-based rot.
This is why I only go to the Highest Source: God and the Angels for guidance and readings  I recommed you do too, Angels act as spiritual body guards, protecting you and your mind from fear.

Heaven unconditionally wants the best for you. If you go off track and find yourself in a situation that is not the best, your angels will not judge, they will help you to find your way out and set you back on your rightful path.

Beware of unfounded negative predictions, they are not real, especially when you know that you hold the power over your life. Nothing is written in stone.

Guidance comes TO you, not from you

Real guidance is never imagined, fabricated or forced. Genuine Divine direction comes TO you rather than from your own mind. It is presented in a way that you know you did not make up. Yes, you may have considered it before, it probably confirms your gut feeling but the guidance itself arrives fresh, clear and in a way which gives you a new perspective.

True Guidance is often very practical and ordinary.

Your step by step guidance will lead you to what you want and need.  You may be guided to clear clutter from your home before the house will sell, you might be directed to eat more healthily and exercise to give you confidence before you start dating again, you could be guided to forgive yourself and past heartache before you will be ready to meet your spouse. You might be guided to contact a coach, get business cards printed or hold a seminar to attract more clients. I took a million small steps before my business started to make the impact I imagined it would when I started.
Your vision keeps you on track, the guidance gets you there.

True guidance will ground you into the everyday details of life keeping you focused on your intentions. Whilst it is romantic to visualize being whisked off your feet or transformed overnight like Cinderella at the ball, it often won’t happen this way.

No matter what Trust your true feelings.

If something feels off, then it probably is. If someone puts down your dreams or predicts a horrible outcome, then question it, nothing is written in stone and your free will choices are the greatest power you have over your life’s path.
REAL Guidance comes from your intuition as well as from your angels, both will mirror one another. Your Divine guidance matches your inner knowing alway. Listen to your body too: The thoughts and feelings that seep into those quiet moments: the feeling of alignment or that sense that something is not quite right.
Your stomach- tightening, swirling and feeling unwell, your shoulders tight your heart beating frantically all tell a story that you need to listen to.

Your feelings tell you everything about everyone you meet, every job you go to, each room you walk into, you just need to pay attention. Clear your energy often so you can clearly discern what is your truth, your energy field is a receiver as well as a transmitter!

After all, when you look back at the good and the bad in life, you could probably say that deep down- you already knew!

Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and
Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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