Angel Video Reading For 19th-26th June 2017

Here is this week’s angel reading for the week starting 19th June 2017 The angels broach the subject of your inner happiness and finding your purpose this week. I loved bringing this reading through for you. Love and blessings for a great week ahead Love Rachel...
How To Access Infinite Support and Solutions

How To Access Infinite Support and Solutions

When you are faced with a problem  or a goal do you tend to think of life as being limited or do you remember that there are infinite possibilities? Years ago when I first began my home based healing business I had big dreams about how it would all work out but almost...

How to Heal Your Heart with the Angels

I just finished a group meditation from my home. I cleared the living room of furniture, lit some candles and then invoked the angels ready for the evening. My meditation sessions are one of the loveliest parts of the work that I do. The angels work through me to...
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