Put It In the Hands of The Angels

Put It In the Hands of The Angels

Are you struggling with a heavy burden of some kind? When you feel weighed down with responsibilities and worry, it is a sure sign that you are trying to do everything by yourself. Add to that a dash of “people pleasing”A sprinkle of guilt. A streak of...

The Video reading August 28th- September 4th 2017

Here is your angel inspirational video and reading for the week ahead. Today I get really honest about my readings plus there is a rose quartz healing for your heart and some wise advice from the angels about how to get through any feelings of heaviness you have...

Rachel’s Weekly Video Reading for 12th- 19th June 2017

Every Monday I record a video reading with guidance for the week ahead. I pray, meditate and then randomly select the cards after asking the angels to show me what YOU most need to know. I also ask the angels to guide my words. You can subscribe to my weekly...
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