Could your Stress, Depression or Pain be Energy Related?

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Did you know that many conditions such as aches and pains, anxiety problems, depression, and even some diseases can be “energy” issues and easily healed through simple energy therapy techniques.

Ultimately energy therapy can be successfully used to treat & cure all issues as everything in our physical and emotional bodies has an energetic root or cause.

Everything, good or bad, appears in your ethereal field before it becomes a life size problem that you can see, feel and suffer from.  By treating any situation through the energy system it begins to dissolve and release in your body and life, often very quickly.

However very few people realize that some problems are actually caused by energy. After 15 years of treating thousands of clients ( and sometimes their pets) for every imaginable challenge, I’ve known for a long time that sometimes, the solution to complete healing can be a simple energy therapy technique.

Here are four ways that energy can manifest in your life and how you can heal and remove the problem

Energy Sensitivity
If you are on a spiritual path and opening to angels, spirit and energy then you will have noticed the side effect of becoming even more sensitive to the world!
You’ll feel people and their emotions more deeply, recoil from on screen violence and sadness, and suffer ill effects of unhealthy foods and chemicals.  Your higher frequency also makes you highly susceptible to absorbing the energy that surrounds you too.
You can’t switch this new sensitivity off , it is your intuitive guide showing you what to avoid and embrace. However, shielding your energy with light and honoring your feelings helps a lot.

Energy Anxiety: You unexpectedly feel uneasy, rattled, irritated even panicky yet you were not feeling that way before? It may not be YOUR fear that you are feeling.
You may be sensing and soaking up the fear energy of the people around you. The  fear signal in your energy field sends the message to your brain and body of ” I am not safe” and your fight or flight response is triggered.
Energy anxiety can also be caused by spending time in crowds or groups or even locations where there has been a lot of pain or conflict. Your auric frequency becomes cluttered and lowered by the fear energies of others especially if you touch them and if this is not discharged then it can leave you feeling edgy, drained and out of body. Learn to notice when you have had “enough” and retreat to recharge.

To remedy this walk in nature with bare feet to recharge your energy and consciously release fears through meditation and intention (there are several energy cleansing meditations FREE and for sale on my website) Grounding through visualization is very helpful for this problem, many sensitive people are actually spiritually disconnected from their bodies which causes even more anxiety.

The Energy Hemorrhage
A sure sign that you have over given of your personal life force is a sore knot in your solar plexus (upper stomach). This is the power center through which you can lose vast amounts of energy through unhealthy interactions and just by doing too much giving.
Next time you feel drained and you have a tummy ache, instead of asking “what is wrong with me” Ask yourself “Who is wrong with me?” trust your first thoughts and take action to cut those cords and set boundaries.

Energy related Depression
Sensitives are often drawn to relationships and careers that allow them to fulfill their deep desire to heal. Unfortunately they can tend to carry the pain and fears of their focus in their energy field. Deeply compassionate adults and children instinctively and unknowingly take the pain they sense within others but they don’t completely understand what to do with it once they have it. This pain becomes stored in their bodies and aura. This energy shows up sometimes as depressive behavior and thoughts, headaches addictions and even fat around the body.
Consciously release the energy of others from your body and aura with a regular energy cleansing practice such as smudging or a white light meditation. I recommend a professional energy clearing to release dark thoughts and depression completely.

Energy related back or head pain
Conflict can be devastating, when you feel hurt by another person’s actions it can seem impossible to stop your mind from going over and over the hurt and anger. Thoughts create energy and so when your mind is focused intently on the other person you cannot help but create an energy cord between you. These cords funnel trauma, hurt, anger, revenge, resentment and all the poisonous emotions directly to the recipient and back again! Cords thicken over time and can be the cause of chronic and mild back pain, headaches, nausea and other problems.
Cutting the cord, and being willing to let go of your end of the toxic battle  releases the pain and other symptoms instantly and renews your life, allowing for healing, new love, abundance, health and peace. My Cord Cutting Meditation is available here

Energy therapy is simple , effective and life changing. The first step is awareness.There really is an energy solution to every problem.

All these techniques and more are described in detail in my book Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide to manage and protect your energy available on my website
You can also learn more about intuition, energy therapy and angels on my upcoming Intuitive Angel and Energy Therapy Training which starts in November

To book an energy therapy session or reading with me from anywhere in the world you can go to my website or contact me for a chat to find out more.

Have a wonderful week
Love and blessings Rachel x



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