Are You the Weird (Spiritual) One in Your Family?

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Are you the ‘spiritual one’ in your family or friend group?

If you are it can mean that you’re often seen as weird, or different!

People sometimes don’t know what to make of you because you don’t follow a conventional path, you see and do things differently.

You’re not really weird!

But being spiritual and doing your own thing is just part of who you are.

You are more intuitively aware than the people around you, you sense the presence of spiritual guides, angels and energy. You are drawn to esoteric subjects and you just know things that others don’t.

Your friends, family, and strangers might lovingly tease you, or worse; criticise you, argue against your beliefs, embarrass you, or even get offended by your choices.

When this happens, you can unknowingly close down your intuitive gifts out of a fear of rejection.

The negative energy and scepticism of other people can seep into your own consciousness.

And you can start to doubt yourself and your guidance, even trying to switch it off, because deep down you don’t want to upset or anger other people.

If this sounds familiar you then you need to do some deep clearing work with the angels to release the fear and doubt around how other people respond to you.

This will radically expand your intuitive connection.

This issue comes up a lot with students in my angel communication program. Which is one reason why I include specialized healing sessions in the course.

Many intuitive souls hold themselves back and second guess their guidance because they unconsciously fear what other people might think or do,

The fear of losing support, love, and community is a primal one and it may be linked to a past lifetime when you were actually punished for being a healer or intuitive ( AKA the witch wounds)

The urge to conform or hide can be extra strong in these cases, and you may feel a deep block about moving forward.

I too met a lot of resistance for being different, especially when I started my business as a healer and angel medium. I had a lot of fear about what other people might do when they found out.

Even though I longed for everyone to understand my path, I had to accept that some people wouldn’t.

I stopped trying to convert them to my way of thinking, and tried to be compassionate and accepting towards them as I wanted them to be towards me.

Give yourself permission to move forward without the approval of others.

I also recommend creating strong boundaries around your beliefs. Your self respect for what you believe, makes room for others to act respecfully, even if they don’t agree.

Everything changed when I stopped allowing people to disrespect me or draw me into debate about whether spiritual work is a worthy vocation.

The people who mattered in my life, eventually came to accept and even admire my chosen path.

The truth is you can’t please everyone and without strong boundaries, you can attract people who get a kick out of debates and arguments.

And…you can’t fully close down your spiritual side.

You can try, and that will leave you feeling miserable, disconnected and lost.

You are who you are for a reason, and your soul is not going anywhere! You are here to walk your own unique path. The path your soul, your angels and the Divine decided long ago.

There will always be sceptics and people who fear or misconstrue spirituality and you can’t hold yourself back because of them.

Try to see fear and resistance as part of YOUR spiritual journey to wisdom, and self actualisation. Keep walking the path that is right for you!

Angel Blessings

Rachel x

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, and Author.

Here are 3 ways I can help you to let go doubt and fear about your spiritual path.

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