The Lesson I Learned At My First Psychic Fair

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When I heard and followed my calling to be an Angel medium, I had to trust the path that was unfolding even though I was frankly terrified and clueless about where it would take me! 

One of the most scary moments was my first ever gig as an Angel Medium at a psychic fair. 

I’d finished Angel Training and it was time for the next step- giving readings to the public! 

I knew I couldn’t procrastinate forever, I needed to put myself out there.

Then I was approached by the organizer of a local psychic fair looking for psychics to give readings.

Scared as I was, I knew the Universe was opening a door for me.??

The day definitely did not work out the way I wanted it to. But I did learn an important lesson from the fiasco!

On the morning of the psychic fair I felt sick with anxiety..I’d not slept a wink.

I set up my card table and said hello to the other, more experienced, readers.

Punters started to stream in queuing up for aura photos, shopping for crystals and booking 15 minute reading slots for readings.

With everyone except me! 

After an hour staring at an empty seat I was close to tears and ready to quit, I went outside and prayed.

I begged Archangel Michael and my guardian angels to bring me someone I could help.

I asked to be of service rather than focus on ego (fear, or what others thought)

Calmer, I returned to my table. 

A young boy of about ten came over and asked for a reading.

He didn’t have any money but I knew my angels were behind it. 

The little kid had lost his mum and was hoping for a message.

My heart opened with compassion for him and immediately his mother appeared smiling. I told him everything that came through from her and the angels.

He asked me lots of questions, pulled ME a card from my own deck, interpreted it and skipped away..

I was grateful for the whole experience, I couldn’t care a less if that was my only customer that day.

That little kid, his mum, and the angels had taught me an important lesson that would help me through all the stages of my career.

As long as I leaned on the angels for this work, focused on service,  kept my heart open and didn’t listen to my ego everything would be okay. I could do this! 

Our intuition and angel messages are always blocked by fear and ego, we can’t get back to our path until we are willing to surrender the ego in favor of compassion, service and love.

One of my favorite mantras is: focus on Blessing rather than Impressing.

When you feel fear about your purpose ask your angels to align you with love and service. Thoughts of service pushes the ego away and activates your higher self.

After that first reading my schedule filled up for the rest of the fair and I loved every moment of it. It  gave me the courage to start my business and now I have been of service to thousands of people all over the world. Imagine that!

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Photo by Alexander Zvir on Unsplash

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy Therapy Expert and Spiritual Teacher.


  1. Jo Durand

    I love that the little boy pulled you a card too ? how divine!

    • Rachel

      It really was! He was a lovely sweet child!

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