Spiritual and Skeptical Work Together Beautifully

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The subject of hiding in the spiritual closet to avoid skeptics seemed to strike a strong chord for so many of you!

But what if the skeptic is YOU?

Tell me:
Do you have doubts about whether the guidance you’re receiving is real?
Do you have days when you wonder if all this spiritual stuff is a fantasy?
Are you concerned about following the wrong kind of message or belief?
Maybe you worry that you’re crazy to believe in angels, guides, spiritual guidance and intuition?

It’s okay! These are all valid questions and they need addressing

If you’re serious about your spiritual path, then it’s vital to know how to clearly tell the difference between trustworthy spiritual guidance that enhances your life in practical and measurable ways.

And …false, fear based guidance or dangerous spiritual ideas that are not based in reality and undermine your life in the worst way.

I’ve always been an open-minded skeptic. Apparently I have the line of skepticism in my numerology! It has served me and my clients well over the years.

It’s given me strong ethics and hight integrity in this work and helped me to avoid or quickly get past some of the pitfalls including charlatans and false prophets.

In my programs I teach these ethics and boundaries and show you:

How to spot the red flags that indicate you’re getting false messages.
How to trust your intuition and recognise true guidance
How to know where certain ideas, beliefs or messages are coming from & whether to trust them
How to protect against fear, negative and lower energies in readings and life.
The difference between mental health issues and true psychic experiences

All this helps you to receive clear messages that you can be confident in and if you’re building a spiritual business then you too will quickly build a good reputation and dodge some hard lessons.

When you KNOW what guidance sounds and looks like, your gifts develop into srong reliable skills.

Are you ready to understand the difference between false messages when your ego is playing tricks and genuine guidance leading to your hearts desires and happiness?

 Join me at the Angel Communication Program we start next week. You can book now – pay in full or in 6 monthly instalments.
Contact me if you’re on the fence- we can have a chat and see if it is right for you.

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Therapy Expert, and Author with 20 years as a professional. She teaches lightworkers, healers, psychics and emerging spiritual leaders to safely, develop their gifts, communicate with angels and build sucessful businesses.[gravityform id=”50″ title=”true” description=”true”]


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