When is a Sign Not A Sign?

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When waiting for your ship to come in, be careful not to jump on a canoe.

Florence Scovel Shinn

Have you ever followed a sign and then later realized that you somehow misread it ?

I’ve done this too, until I learned how to tell the difference between true and false guidance.

Some signs are 100% real, others are “canoes” and some aren’t signs at all..

So how do you know when a sign is real and when it’s not?

If you have followed a false or misinterpreted sign it can be for one of of three reasons:

?1-You gave the situation, synchronicity or symbol your own meaning based on what YOU wanted it to mean.

This can happen when you really want something to be true!

You might interpret a rainbow or seeing angel numbers111 as signs a validating that someone is your soul mate relationship but ignore what your gut is actually telling you about the person!

Later you realize that the person wasn’t your Divine life partner at all!

?2-It’s a canoe! (see the quote at the top of the page) Which means your situation might look like what you’re asking for, but on closer inspection you realise it’s not!

These kind of synchronicities occur because the strong energetic current created by your prayer or intention acts like a magnet drawing all similar matching energies to you.

Like a wave bringing driftwood to shore.

This is simply the Law of Attraction at work, rather than the angels delivering an answer.

These situations signal that you are on the right track and your true desire is coming closer, but they are NOT your true desire.

You need to be patient, and stay connected to your intuition.

Just because certain situations are drawn TO you, it doesn’t always mean they’re meant FOR you. It’s a good idea to consult your intuition and do research to make sure before jumping in.

Sheena came to me worried about her love-life. She wanted to know if the man who’d recently asked her on a date could be her soul mate. She knew he had some unhealthy habits, he wasn’t her age and she was not attracted to him. However, she was confused because he had asked her out immediately after she had prayed to meet her soul mate. She wondered if the angels and the Universe had sent him and therefore should she go out with him.   

The answer of course was NO. He was not right for her. Her open heart and positive prayers had activated the Law of Attraction. This man was attracted to her. She didn’t need to accept his advances or feel guilty.

I did suggest that she make a much clearer intention about what she truly wanted in a relationship and partner. It’s not enough to just ask for a soul mate, a job or some money. You need to be really clear.

Have you done this too? After asking the angels for help manifesting, and within a short time something comes along that seems like the answer, but when you look a little closer it isn’t?

Relax, it doesn’t mean you have to accept what you’re given. Don’t take it personally. It’s a good opportunity to practice discernment and boundaries. Know you are getting closer, refine your intention, and keep up with your prayers and affirmations.

?3. Your strong fears and desires can sometimes cause you to SEE signs or omens where there are none. I hate to say it, but not EVERY feather is an angel feather, not every obstacle is a warning, not every event is a spiritual message. Sometimes S%!# just happens!

True signs make sense, they don’t appear in isolation, neither do they come with a sense of forboding or anxiety. They’re usually backed up with other information that validates your intuitive gut feelings.

Signs from the Divine are perfectly timed messages that give you direction in response your prayers, intentions and wishes. They are consistent and match your desires and needs.

Always use patience, discernment, and intuition to figure out whether any sign or situation is the true answer to your prayers.

And if you happen to go off track and make a mistake, it’s okay! Everything is an opportunity to learn important life lessons!

Your angels are always with you, waiting to guide you back to your path of peace and happiness.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

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Rachel Scoltock is a wise and inspirational angel medium and spirtual teacher who takes the fear and mystery out of connecting with your angels and tapping into your intuitive guidance. An expert on Energy and Angels, She’s also the author of two books including My Life With Angels and Loving Your Sensitive Self ( An Empaths Guide to Protecting Your Energy)

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