If you are a sensitive, empath like me, then you know what it is to feel everything deeply.

I treasure my sensitivity, it’s the key to my psychic and healing gifts, it’s my inner guide.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In years gone by I hid my feelings because I feared obeing called weird, a drama queen or over sensitive.

(I bet you’ve heard that a few times too!)

Nowadays, I don’t invalidate my sensitivity.

I’ve learned to love and accept my heightened awareness, even when what moves me doesn’t fit into what other people think is ‘normal’.

Empathy, sensitivity, and intuition are natural human traits & they’re part of your purpose.

Your ability to sense and feel deeply is a strength not a weakness. You are a super- sensory!

Sensitivity at core is your intuition speaking loudly to you through your feelings.

You can’t switch off. If you try, your inner self will only turn up the volume and make your feelings more intense.

To deny your sensitive self is damaging and leads to anxiety, depression and illness.

Ignoring your empathy makes you more vulnerable to the toxic energy in the world.

I have treated hundreds of clients in my healing practice many of of whose symptoms of  deep depression, crippling anxiety, and other disorders were directly related to their sensitivity.

These symptoms disappeared completely when they learned to honor, clear and protect their sensitive selves.

These practices are essential for sensitives especially in today’s world where fear is being broadcast 24/7 from the media * (try this meditation or read my book to learn to manage your energy)

When you feel something strongly, see your feelings as a higher wisdom guiding you. What is the message?

As you finally allow yourself to be directed by the compass within you, you will discover the gifts of your sensitivity.

Blessings Rachel Scoltock x

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Energy Medicine Expert and Author

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photo credit: Claude Piche Unsplash


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