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 Love is the absence of Judgment

The 14th Dalai Lama

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Dear *|FNAME|*, I hate being judged, don’t you? I always feel shrunken by someone else’s negative judgment of me. I know they cannot see the full picture of the real me because they are looking at me through their filter of blame, fear, and comparison. It can take a while to get over a judgy interaction. It is so tempting to judge them back too!

Judgement is the ego’s fear projected onto a person or situation and has nothing to do with the receiver. The person in fear is casting out their perspectives onto others. It is a way in which they have chosen to see life in that moment. This decision casts a shadow which always bounces back. You simply cannot live a life of negatively judging others without having that judgment come back at you somehow.
The problem is that if you make a habit of being judgy, it actually taints your life in a very strong way. You cannot stop others from judging you, but you can stop taking it personally AND judging others negatively which will make a huge difference to your happiness, your relationships and your energy.

Judgment creates barriers between you and others, your thoughts do not go unnoticed and so your ego succeeds in keeping you feeling alone and separated.

The angels can heal you from the pain of judgment and help to alter your thinking so you no longer feel sucked into the judgy way of being! This simple healing will change everything, especially if life has been feeling a bit dull and ordinary lately!

Here is what the angels have to teach us about Judgment:

We wish to free you from the unhappiness of judgment. You can feel more permanently peaceful and less afraid of the world by abandoning your need to compare yourself to others and removing your attachment to judging people based on their outer appearance, their success and their differences.

Unhappiness comes from the ego’s need to always look externally for approval, fulfillment, and success, yet no lasting happiness can arrive externally. All happiness comes from peace of mind and appreciation of what is. No amount of judgment or beratement will create peace yet it will create a barrier to peace.

When you look at yourself as incomplete and empty then you naturally seek external ways to fill that emptiness, believing that others are competing with you in a race to succeed.

This is untrue. Each person is simply attempting to live backwards, to fix their fear through more fear.  If you wish, dear one, we can help you to change your perspective so you can release fear completely and then peace and happiness are easily found.

Your inner vision is dulled each time you judge yourself and another. The dullness becomes a filter through which the whole world is eventually seen.

You cannot see or connect with Love, with your Spirit, or with us Angels if your eyes are blinded by this negative film. Life looks, feels and appears loveless once you have accepted judgment as your way of being. Even spending time with others who are using judgment to separate will leave you suffering from this “virus” of pain.

We can clear you of this dullness and brighten your outlook, you will soon see the pointlessness of living this way.

Love is your natural state, all things, including abundance, joy, good health, magical relationships and miraculous events come only through LOVE. Why then would you choose fear?

Dear one we see you have become dulled by the fear illusion. Your ego self-has taken over and fed you it’s version of the world. One that brings you only disharmony, challenges and desolation. Your fears and anxieties are all fed to you through this screen in your mind and so everything becomes a threat, something to fear and distrust.

Though we stand beside you, shining brightly and sending you infinite love and guidance you detect only a glimpse of us, and then you go back to believing in the lie- illusion. We know it appears real, like a nightmare, but we can wake you up from this painful sleep.

Judgement is the path to misery. Nothing can escape the judgment filter. The judgments you have about yourself and others will pave the way and keep you away from the path of happiness.

We ask now that you release to us the fears, judgments, and criticisms you have accepted from others, breathe them out to us. We will lift these dark energies from your body and mind. We know they do not belong to you. However each time you took them personally, you accepted the darkness and changed your perspective from Love.

Please now release to us all harsh thoughts about yourself, your seeming mistakes and then give to us all unforgiving and resentful projections you have cast onto others.

Each judgment is an illusion based on fear. When you judge someone, you have feared something inside and asked your ego’s opinion. Your resentment means you have taken their behavior personally and looked for a way to escape the pain through separation. This is the way of fear. You can decide at any moment to stop and seek only Love. Only Love can truly heal your pain and suffering. This energy of Divine Love will heal you and return you to a state of peace.

Ask us, angels, to come to you at night, to clear the fear and judgment from you. We will work with you to release your mind of judgment.  You will feel noticeably clearer and lighter in the morning. You will see the world through the eyes of love once more as you did as a child. HERE IS A FREE MEDITATION TO HELP YOU TO RELEASE FEAR AND JUDGEMENT
We are always with you. Your angels.
Channeled by Rachel Scoltock 4/12/2017

Rachel Scoltock has worked for 15 years as a professional angel medium and healing therapist. She is  also the author of two books including her most recent release My Life With Angels and Loving Your Sensitive Self ( An Empaths Guide to Protecting Your Energy)  You can book a personal guidance session , healing or reading with Rachel from anywhere in the world HERETo find out more about Angels at Uluru Healing Retreat May 2018 go here



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