Release Resentment To Regain Your Positive Energy

Abundance, Letting Go

There are no justified resentments

When I first heard the above quote, my mind immediately began to make a list of ALL the reasons why there ARE justified resentments!

 At the same time, deep in my heart, I knew it was the truth.

Of course there seems to be a million reasons to hold a grudge against anyone who has hurt or betrayed us, from big to small violations it seems there is no end to what people can do.

But still the wise inner voice whispers:  it’s not worth holding onto resentment.

And it is true. It’s never worth it.

Not if you want to have a loving, happy, prosperous life.

Because resentment is toxic
And it creates a wall around you blocking happiness, riches, good health and positive energy

Resentment takes root in the mind, body and spirit and does NOTHING to alter what has happened or influence the one who hurt you to change.

When you feel angry or bitter you are actually pouring more negativity into the situation.

These noxious emotional weeds spread and sow more of themselves in your life.

Resentment is any long held anger, judgement or hurt with spikes of revenge.

It’s ugly and never grows tired of taunting you. Draining you of all your energy ( and that of anyone who listens to you talk about it)

From an energy perspective resentment dwells mainly in the heart, solar plexus and brow chakras, closing you off from 3 essential ingredients for a happy life- Love, Life Force Energy and Hope.

Any grudge is simply a call for more LOVE

Your inner-self has felt damaged, offended and hurt beyond repair and you don’t know how to get over it.

You need nurturing, you need to open your heart and get out into the world again, regain your confidence.
And you need to let it go!

In your despair your ego-mind took over, deciding that mentally attaching to the source of your hurt is the solution.

However, your spirit knows that doing this inner warfare is actually making things worse, with each thought your energy-cords to the situation and the person thicken, hooking more deeply into their energy and sucking your happy away!

By holding onto it, you create more pain for yourself and miss out on beauty, love, abundance, spiritual connection and growth.

Letting go of resentment means being willing to change the way you think, when you do that, you automatically let go, (forgive) and a miracle can occur.

The best way I know to quickly let go of resentment  and other toxic emotions is through a  guided cord cutting with the Archangel Michael. 

This is one of the most powerful and profound healing tools I know of. It is life changing, leaving you feeling lighter, brighter and more connected to love.
Immediately afterwards you start to experience and welcome more positive energy, $$ and love!

To cut your cords you must decide that you are ready and willing to let go of all your resentment and hurt and replace it with peace of mind.

You must be open to let go of the idea that somehow your resentment is benefiting you and is justified.

Get excited about looking forward to the fresh new positive energy that wants to come to you, instead of the repetitive toxic emotions and thoughts that accompany your resentment.

What will you ask for? More love? More joy? Health? Riches?

Cord cutting frees you completely of all the energy, emotions and fears that have kept you attached and blocked.

Cord cutting can release you of the negative bonds between you and others, if you want to let go and move on, you move on, if you want to keep and heal the relationship, then the cord cutting will increase your chances of a harmonious loving connection in the future.

We can’t cut the cords of LOVE- because they are eternal.

Cord Cutting method:

Call in Archangel Michael and your guardian angels tell them that you want to release resentment: Visualise the person / situation that you feel resentment towards- imagine them standing before you. Notice your feelings and state aloud that you want to let them go completely and forever. Then Ask Archangel Michael to sever the cord with his sword of light and truth, to return you to peace.  Let the image of the person go and breathe out your pain. (I find repeating “I love you and I let you go” very helpful til they go out of sight and mind) 

You can book a private intensive cord cutting healing session with me (via Video Call Skype or Zoom) free yourself of the cords and struggles that are sabotaging you and holding you back from Divine abundance and joy! Book here

You can also download my  Cord Cutting Guided Meditation with Archangel Michael to put in your energy tool box

Have a wonderful week!

Sending you blessings Rachel Scoltock x



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