Reconnect with Your Divine Power To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

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Welcome to 2018!

This Year everything is aligned to help you to release what you have outgrown so you can more easily fill your life with those things that light you up!

The Angels have told me that this is the year of the butterfly- a year to soar, to transform pain into peace, fear into love, emptiness to abundance and to share beauty and love!

It does not mean that life magically becomes problem free, but by connecting with your Divine power you will have tools and guidance to avoid and overcome challenges and create the life you dream of.

With your true power intact you will be able to find your inner peace in turbulent times.

Your angels want you to know that all that you have learned in difficult times will add to your stores of wisdom and understanding of life. There is no certainty, life is learning and growing. This learning is a part of your soul’s plan to experience as much life as possible and to shed layers of karma and fear from other lifetimes.

You experienced the dark to be able to embrace more light. To recognize your own power and to share your light with others as compassion, wisdom and kindness.

You are not ever a victim. That is not even close to who you are. You may have been victimized but you have the power within and around you to overcome and transform anything.

You can reconnect to your Divine power at any moment by remembering your oneness with the Universe and all living beings.

The more you focus on the principle of oneness and Love for all, the clearer your path will be.

A wonderful way to activate this principle is to repeatedly affirm your oneness with the Divine. Simply think or say “I am ONE with the Universe” . In stressful times repeat a mantra such as: “This situation is resolved quickly and perfectly with Divine guidance” ” I am surrounded and guided by Angels” ” I am one with the Divine Mind”

Through recognizing your oneness with the Universe through word and thought, you live and breathe this principle of truth. You raise your vibration and suddenly feel aligned. You will notice synchronicity and signs, you’ll feel more peaceful and less tense and best of all. you will receive the guidance you have waited for.

Feeling and acting powerless is like sitting in a black hole with no internet connection or phone service. It’s lonely and scary.

Believing you are alone and helpless separates you from the Universe in your mind. Arguing for your limitations denies the power within you and cuts you off from YOUR Divine Source.

In those times of fear and weakness, it seems as if your prayers go unanswered and your energy depletes quickly.

If you ask and repeat the mantras your angels will help you to reconnect with your true power, you will start to see synchronicity and signs again, things will begin to move properly in the direction you want.

Your angels and the Universe have not forgotten you, but they cannot easily reach your awareness when you are out of alignment. and feeling helpless and hopeless puts everyone out of alignment.

This is not to say you are in the wrong…everyone feels this way sometimes. I have certainly had my moments, but with the help of some earth (and heavenly) angels, and the principle I learned from my spiritual studies, I soon found my strength again and have added the wisdom gained to my toolkit!

We are all mastering our time in Earth School.

Even in your lowest moments you still score A+ and gold stars because you are here and all your experiences count. None of it is a test, neither is it a punishment or a cryptic maze.

Life is a blessing and you can pile blessing upon blessing without guilt. The more fear and self-doubt you let go of- the more blessings can reach you. The more you appreciate the blessings you already have, the faster they come to you.

The more you engage your Divine power, the more you experience those blessings and the guidance you have been waiting for.

Life really is simple. Everything is temporary and there are diamonds in the dirt of the challenges that you find yourself in. You will always find your way out

Release your fear that your problems mean something negative about you and while you are at it release the resentment that the problem happened in the first place. Those feelings are keeping you stuck!

Your angels will always watch over you and guide you to create the life you want. There is only good awaiting you. You have all that you need already inside of you and you are connected to a Source of great wisdom and love.

Find the courage to regularly ask for guidance, ask the big hard questions about your life and who you are, why you are here. The answers will come, a direction will unfold, a helpful person will come along, a book will drop into your hands and before you know it, you will be flying like a butterfly!

In the coming weeks, I am going to share more spiritual principles for living a happy, authentic and peaceful life.

Angel Blessings Rachel x
Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher and
Author of two books: Loving Your Sensitive Self- A guide for empaths, and My Life with Angels: How to access the healing and wisdom of the angels.
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