Reading time! Rachel Scoltock’s Video Reading 1st – 7th May 2017


Here is my weekly video reading for the week ahead, so exciting. There is very positive energy to channel and harness at the moment but do not be surprised if you are feeling a little embattled! This angel reading asks you to seek and find the lower vibes and remove them. There are of course always distractions, ego diversions, bullies, little nasties wanting your attention and energy draining vampires – be aware of these energies and release them with the help of your angels! Acting as if nothing is happening will not hunt away the negatives, you can do what you want this week and move forward in leaps but you need to clear your energy! love and angel blessings Rachel Scoltock x

PS book a remote reading with me this week, or allow me to tune in and clear your energy of lower vibes


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