Rachel Scoltock’s Video reading for April 3rd – 10th 2017


Here is this week’s video reading with messages from your angels!

This week is all about change, from within, you need to believe in yourself, no matter what is going on, the angels acknowledge that the energy is really challenging at the moment,  you might be fighting old battles ( again!) or new ones but do not listen to those nasty self doubting thoughts. An 11 minute blast of angel guidance and healing to boost your week!

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Rachel Records a new video reading each Monday, with guidance from the angels about the energy of the week ahead and how you can heal and transform your life situation. Rachel is an angel medium and intuitive energy therapist working professionally for 14 years. Located in Australia, on the Mid North Coast Rachel takes bookings from all over the world offering readings, healing and teaching how to connect to the angels and heal your life. Go to rachelscoltock.com to find out more.


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