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Have you felt unsettled recently? A sense of not being able to focus, feeling negative energy dragging you backwards, or simply uneasy??

Today I meditated on the beach and immediately felt a strong presence of 2 figures who told me they were Arcturians and were here to bring a message for everyone. I am an Angel Medium so it is rare for me to receive a visit like this one. (stick with me)

These two beings told me that to be aware of low energies of “interference” which are not that powerful but were distracting many lightworkers from their intuition and from connecting with  Divine messages and healing.

They said to protect your energy and your spiritual practice, and know how important, meditation, prayer and sending of Divine Love are at this time.

They explained that the interfering energies create a distraction, injecting fear and uncertainty which in turn gives more power to the negative forces.

This may feel like:

  • Thoughts that pull you off track, cause self doubt, dip your confidence and make you feel hopeless
  • Feeling scattered, ungrounded, anxious or heavy with no known cause
  • Disturbed sleep and weird dreams
  • Many more trolls and unsettling posts and information on social media and other outlets.
  • General distractions and irritations.

All this is designed to trigger you into believing you have no power.

The Divine message is that you do have power, more than you realize. When you focus on hope, faith, and a strong vision for a , peaceful, harmonious, healed future for yourself AND the planet, it makes a difference. One person makes a huge difference- your positive energy and intention is crucial at this time.

We are now at a tipping point on the planet. This means that the light is getting stronger but darkness and fear are rising because the low energies feel threatened.

Just like when you aim to change a bad eating habit and suddenly it seems like temptation is everywhere, your ego is triggering you to go back to the old, unhealthy comfort zone. It takes a little willpower and positive vision to move past that!

As I received this message another energy came in of an archangel. I was told to focus on Peace, healing and Divine Love to counteract this interfering and lower energy.

Meditate on peace, healing and Divine love and strengthen yourself with it. Invoke more angels, archangels and light beings and visualise their light enveloping people, countries, towns.

You can send peace and healing and Divine love to problematic situations and people.

You can even use the words “Peace, Healing And Divine Love” as a mantra anytime you detect unsettled or negative energy.

Please meditate, even if you don’t feel like it, and ask to be bathed in Divine Love energy. Connect with Source and visualize a ray of healing energy and angels around you and around the world.  Protect your energy and ground yourself often.

You can also use the practice of the Violet Flame Petition; repeat “I am a being of violet fire, I am the purity God Desires” for 15 minutes in your mind or aloud” Visualize the violet flame around you, or a situation, burning away all negative, heavy energy. You will instantly raise your vibration and feel better but yo’ll also create a postivie impact and move lower energies.

Don’t give in to temptation to give up on your spiritual path, or allow fear and negativity to take over, know fear is an illusion.

Your focus and your energy makes a BIG difference and you can make a positive impact in the world with these simple methods.

Use your spiritual tools and knowledge. You’ve learned them for a reason;this moment.

Invoke angels, direct energy, say affirmations,  keep your mind clear and use your intuition to discern what is good and not good for you to be involved in.

The energy has been pretty challenging lately and will continue to be especially October, November and December when we are going to have some major transitions and energy waves. What we do now makes a big difference. Let’s all focus on light, use the spiritual tools you’ve learned.

I will be supporting with my monthly webinars- See here and next week’s FREE masterclass sign up to attend..& of course my Monday videos and other offerings.

Peace, Healing and Divine Love to you

Rachel Scoltock x

Angel Medium


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