Opening the Door to Miracles with Archangel Michael

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You don’t have to know how to open the door yourself, but you might want to undo a deadbolt or two. Hiromi Min

I am a big believer in Divine intervention & miracles, especially since Archangel Michael saved me from a car accident 20 years ago. Since then I ‘ve been privy to hundreds of big & small miracles in the lives of my clients & my own.

Angels can bring healing & peace to even the most messy and seemingly impossible situation.

Clients often come with such intense complex problems that they feel utterly overwhelmed and powerless.But I’ve seen how inviting the angels to intervene can open doors and solve an issue quickly and effortlessly.

The Divine will always make a way out of no way.

The Angels will always bring about a peaceful outcome to the most difficult tangled mess. This was proved to me on one of my worst days!

I was peacefully making lunch one day when  2 immigration officials burst in my front door ready to deport me. They had driven 500km from Sydney to search through my cupboards & drawers to seek evidence that my marriage visa was a scam. It wasn’t, but my relationship was in shreds.

I felt faint with anxiety! As one officer was firing questions at me, I heard a ‘voice’ tell me to go to my healing room. I asked for a break and they guy softened and let me go gather myself.  In my peaceful healing space I took some deep calming breaths then I heard Archangel Michael say “Tell the whole truth.”

I went back and shakily opened up to the officers about my relationship. The energy shifted, they left reassuring me, before popping in to admire my healing room.

A week later, I was given a special visa and directions how to proceed with my Australian citizenship. Which I received some-time later.

This disaster turned into a miracle because I listened to Archangel Michael’s guidance.

Divine intervention doesn’t always lead to an instant healing, although this can definitely happen.

I once ran out of petrol on an upward incline at ‘rush hour’. With a chain of beeping cars behind me, all I could do was ask Archangel Michael for help. Out of nowhere an old fashioned truck pulled out of the line & parked infront of me. A fellow with a ZZ Top beard hopped out, hooked my car up to a tow rope and without a word towed me to the closest fuel station. Unhooked me and left with a wave. 

Sometimes the miracle is an intervention like this one, other times you ‘ll receive a message which brings you complete peace or guides you to a solution.

The right helper will arrive. An opportunity to make some money appears. A new path opens.

No matter how it happens, Angels bring about the highest good, creating ‘Divine order’ out of seeming chaos and fear.

The human way to approach problems is usually with worry, over thinking  and a dogged determination to make it happen in the way we believe it should.

Unknowingly, this blocks the very solution that would give us relief (often creating even more drama.)

Divine intervention saves you a lot of energy and suffering by bringing about a creative solution in a way that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

How to Access Divine Order:

The first step is to ask for help, knowing there is a principle of Divine Order which comes about when you let go and invoke the angels to any situation.

Archangel Michael, Divine Spirit please open the way for……….. I know that the perfect outcome is already created, let it come in perfect timing and perfect ways. I am so grateful.

The second is to remove resistance. Let go of the big tangled mess of over- thinking as you ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords of fear.

Change your thoughts, stop thinking : “this is a nightmare, I will never sort this out, I’m so broke- etc don’t take out your stress on anyone” For Divine Love to take over, you have to remove as much fear and resistance as you can.

As you invite the angels and Archangel Michael to take over, cease trying to fix it all yourself, stay positive, knowing that clear signs will come

When we get out of our own way & invoke angels, miracles can occur, creating Divine order.

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Angel Blessings Rachel x

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author

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  1. Ruthann Pyle

    The specific and personal examples of your own life made the entire article bear tremendous weight for me. This in turn caused me to say I can’t fix this God please help means fix it the right way.


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