Do you ever feel intuitively blocked, as if there is a barrier over your third eye and you can’t sense or see your angels or their guidance?

It’s as if suddenly a thick curtain draws across your spiritual senses and no matter how you try you can’t feel that beautiful blissful feeling of connection, synchronicity and the inner knowing that you are on the right path!

When this happens you might feel lonely, disconnected and even depressed, it’s like changing from a 3 dimensional, multi coloured movie to a dull, black and white screen.

Everything feels harder from manifesting to meditating and you can feel confused, indecisive and stuck. Anxiety starts to take over because you feel so alone.
Ironically this is when you MOST need your angels guidance!

When you learn to safely open and strengthen your intuitive channels you’ll create a strong unfailing connection with your intuition and guides.

You get a flow of signs and synchronicity that makes sense including those 111 angel numbers that give you clear validation.

Is there any better feeling than seeing signs and feeling your one-ness with the Universe?

So here are 5 of what I consider to be in the top 10 practices to becoming an open channel for your angels:

Get grounded: Feeling out of body much? If you get anxious, forgetful, shaky, hungry, floaty and lose chunks of time then you are ungrounded. You need body, mind and spirit together to have a lasting and meaningful spiritual connection and to feel good. Your intuition will boost 150% when you practice grounding daily. You’ll also feel less anxious. Did you know that anxiety & tension can be signs that there are messages coming through that you are ignoring?

Know that You Are Intuitive: It’s not something that only some people can do or be. You have this gift too and it be developed to guide and protect you in amazing ways. Some of those tough life lessons you’ve had are all about trusting your inner wisdom and opening to it more. Confidence and faith in this gift will open it like a flower in springtime! Affirm “I am profoundly intuitive” “I am guided by the Universe” “I am open to the messages, guidance and gifts of my angels”.

Meditation– I KNOW! stop rolling your eyes! If you really want to have a clear connection then sit each day with the intention of making space for the angels to connect with you.  This allows your intuition to be louder than your ego. It need not be boring- do it your way: sit in nature, set a timer on your phone, use one of my guided meditations . Say “Angels I am here, I am open- show me what I need to know. I need it to be clear, and obvious, thank you!”

Be aware of your ego– Ego hates meditating, it loves to think of worst case scenarios and guilt you into doing things that distract you from your purpose.  Ego is not intuitive but it pretends it is using fear to delude you.  Feeling blocked can mean that you’ve become polluted with ego fear. You can likely trace back to some conversation, incident or thought where fear and competition crept into your aura and mind. Use an Energy Clearing technique to remove this fear.

Clear your Chakras– You have 7-10 large energy centres in a straight line from above the top of your head down to the base of your spine. Together they act like an intuitive antennae and when they are open, healthy and flowing you feel amazing. These spinning spheres act like energy organs moving high source energy around your body keeping you aware and connected. When they are blocked or shrunken they cause you to feel stagnant, unwell, and intuitively shut down. Fear can infiltrate one or more of them and the life force energy can’t radiate and flow. You might think that the 3rd eye chakra between your brows would be the one to clear but actually you need ALL your chakras to be open and balanced to have a strong connection. A regular chakra cleanse and opening will instantly create results and you’ll have more and more powerful synchronicities.

On Monday 17th February 10 am Sydney time (Sunday 16th February in US, Europe and UK)
I am presenting A new Live 90 minute webinar and meditation to Open your 9 Energy Channels for clear intuition, connection to your spiritual team and to heal blocks in your life.  Go here to reserve your spot limited spaces available.

To see this weeks video reading -Stop the snowball effect of fear please go here 

Love and blessings for a magical blessed week!

Rachel x


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