“Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise.”

George Whitman
My most amazing Angel Intervention:

The train ride to Sydney was long and slow. Nine hours later I arrived, a friend collected me from the station, but 9am Monday morning I would have to catch 2 buses back from the Suburbs to Central station as she would leave for work early. She pointed out the bus stop and I was grateful to have a safe place to stay whilst I attended a seminar.

The angel seminar was amazing, Doreen Virtue looked beautiful, it was the first time I had seen her.I am not sure what I was expecting but I spent the entire three hours on the edge of my seat alternating between goose bumps & tears. She talked about angels and who they were.   was electrified as she spoke of angel interventions, when an angel stops a potential accident just like my own incredible experience a few months before. Then she went on to speak of signs ..she talked about finding feathers which are the angels way of saying hello and almost every other mysterious experience I’d had in the past 18 months. She told us that angels only intervened if there was a special purpose or a life and death situation before our time or if we asked.

All of my questions were answered but I had new ones, why me? why were the angels suddenly trying to get in touch? what was the purpose ? At the end of the seminar , Doreen suggested the audience ASK the angels to help with something over the next few days, she acknowledged that some might be still skeptical.. she was right. I was not entirely sure that I could believe in celestial beings wanting to help me at that time.

The following morning I was in a dazed state that often accompanied the angelic experiences. I felt calm but a little off the planet. I packed my backpack and since I had over packed (a life long habit) I was a little apprehensive about my long walk uphill to the nearest bus stop. I set out early, rush hour,  and the roads were busy, cars parked along the road and people hurried up the hill to the bus stop.  My heavy bags were hurting me and I was struggling.

I remembered Doreen’s words about asking the angels for help. So I did.  I mentally said “Ok angels, if you can hear me, then I need help now, getting to the bus stop. My bags are too heavy” I immediately fantasized that a handsome man would appear and offer to carry my backpack up the hill!

I heard a very loud beeping sound coming from behind me, I turned to see that a Sydney bus had stopped 50 meters down the hill, beside parked cars and had stopped traffic. The sign said ” not in service” The ( not hunky) bus driver was pressing the horn and waving madly at me! I pointed to my own chest in question “Me?” I mouthed, he nodded frantically and waved me over. I climbed on that bus with my mouth gawping and no idea what to think. The bus driver said “sit down quick” and then “where are you going”. Still gobsmacked, I said the bus stop, and he said, “yes but where are you going?”
“Oh, Central station” I said.

“Sit back and relax ” he said!

His name was Rodney and without prompting he told me an amazing story of his life being saved by a reiki healer. I told him I was in town for the angel seminar. When I climbed off the bus he asked me: “Did you ask your angels for a lift? Because I’ve never done that before, I had an overwhelming urge to stop and pick you up!

I never ever doubted again after that moment! Angels have helped me and my clients in miraculous and amazing ways over the years, I am currently writing a book about it.

Doubt is such a corrosive and obstructive energy, it is a major block to receiving guidance, miracles and having your own angelic experience. Doubt can be removed with a clear intention and an open mind, letting yourself experiment with an unattached mind, can make all the difference.

I believe my experiences were part of my Divine plan and purpose this lifetime to become an Angel Channel & Spiritual teacher. The signs and guidance accelerated after that incident leading me to the career I now have. A full time Angel therapist, healer, teacher, author.

No matter what your purpose…Heavenly beings surround you, they want to help you. you have angels waiting to connect to you, and you are the key to allowing this energy in. Set aside your doubt just for a moment, be willing ask for Divine help, ask for signs and let your angels know that you ARE open to their guidance and intervention in your life. Stay receptive and gently detached, let whatever happens happen. I suggest doing it with an open heart, I have found that seriousness and heaviness seems to block the process….

as the saying goes….Angels fly because they take themselves lightly

Love and Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Angel Channel, Author, Energy Therapist, Teacher

I have several events coming up to teach you how including the Tamworth event, the part two if intuitive Energy Therapist  and I have also launched personal Intuitive development and mentoring sessions
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