A Message from the Healing Angel Raphael


Today you will meet the sweetest archangel of all,  Archangel Raphael.  His name means Healer of God. I feel a deep connection to Raphael perhaps because my name Rachel is a derivative of his. Raphael‘ s energy is a rich green gold colour,  use green flourite, emerald or clear quartz points to connect with him and call on him for help with
anything that needs healing in your life.

You may find it useful to sit quietly after reading the message and tune into the Archangel’s energy.

Blessed child of God. I am here with you as your healing practitioner. Call on me and I will instantly come to your side. I bring with me the Healing Light of God. You will always feel my healing presence and protection.

Understand: Nature is the highest available medicine on Earth. It is placed there for this purpose. When you seek the healing power of plants and flowers, natures foods,  the fresh air, flowing fresh water and natural light, your body is able to reset itself and remember it’s natural healthy state.

Some of you believe that a short spell in the outdoors is all that is required, however, I come to remind you that the further out of balance your mind and body appear to be, the longer my prescription is for you to visit the healing temple of nature. Pay attention to your thoughts, and mind images as you read and hear my words. These are not your imagination.

When you are outside in natural surroundings, please then call upon me and I will guide you whilst endowing you with the light that was given to me for such a purpose. You will be healed.

My healing is not only for the physical body, so many of your so called illnesses are rooted in the mind and unhealed emotional rifts. We angels see these heartbreaks and stress scars as clearly as you see a wound on your arm, and we can heal these on your request, thus saving you from later suffering.

Nothing is incurable by God’s Law. Bring your mind to this knowing.

I too, carry a golden sword of light, like my brother Michael. My sword is able to slice through attachments to unhealthy substances and situations that act as poison in your system. So often you do not see how your words, interactions and habits bring sickness & contaminate your light body. I will remove these attachments and free you to return to your natural state.

All you who would be healers! It is I summoning you, I work with your Soul through God to align you completely with your purpose. As you allow me to guide & work through you, you will fulfill your purpose.

I am Raphael the healing Archangel look for my signs, I will send you my name, green golden light, unicorn images and the serpent to remind you of my presence.  Peace be with you.

Archangel Raphael Message Channeled by Rachel Scoltock on Monday 19th September 2016



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