Your Angel message for this week comes from Archangel Michael, Angel of protection and courage. Michael is a direct and powerful guide who inspires you to make changes that get you on the path that is completely aligned with your true self.

Beloved one, I come to you today through this channel to bring you the guidance that you are waiting for.

There are many steps that make up a life, however, one is most important of all and that is to learn to overcome fear.

Fear is surely your greatest foe. It comes in many disguises, through many channels. It cloaks itself in doubt, defeat, and distracts you with it’s mystery. If allowed it seems to creep into all that you do dear one, forever placing you in defense and vulnerability.

It is my sole purpose upon this earth to act in service to all who call me to slay the demons of fear and reveal their nothingness within.

As you overcome each fear, notice and remember how easily you forget their existence, not because your memory fails you, but because you have come upon correct thinking. Your perspective was adjusted to recognize the none existence of that which you felt threatened you. It is so with all your fears and doubts. They are groundless and therefore cannot stand in your way. Only when you see that will you alter your course on this endless battle.

Know that as you call upon my Light no fear can cast a shadow over you and the brightness within you and your soul purpose. I am here always protecting and guiding you forward. As you learn to act and live with out fear you find it impossible to choose any situation that will detract from peace.

You who stand in my place, acting against such fear demons will find yourself fighting for fear’s side, as you need darkness to justify your position. I ask you to lay down your sword and trust that I alone can remove that which appears to be threatening humanity at this time.

I act in the name of the Highest whose one and only Law can over power those that seem to create their own small laws. You need only call upon me at anytime that you need my protection. There is nothing to fear, the Divine flame is fiercely burning for you. Take your faith away from all that seems to threaten you and then you will see the truth.
I am always with you. I am Michael.

29th August 2016: Channeled message from Archangel Michael
by Rachel Scoltock xx

Archangel of the week:

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection, courage and life purpose. He is a powerful Archangel who carries a flaming sword and works with his legion of angels known as the band of mercy angels. He sweeps away the energies of fear and all lower beings with his sword, directing them immediately away from humanity and to the Source.

His aura colors are bright electric blue, purple and gold. He comes to your side as soon as you call on him and may appear through a helpful person who comes to your rescue in emergencies. Archangel Michael was the first angel that spoke to me in 2001. A powerful male voice spoke loudly in my ear as I drove down a mountain road, I responded by slowing down and immediately came upon a multi car accident. Had I continued at my original speed I could not have avoided the cars and people in the road. It was Michael who directed me that day and later lead me to my work as an Angel medium and healer.
Archangel Michael clears away fear and protects you from all forms of danger. Call on him anytime you feel unsafe, or in need of support. His powerful assistance is available to all no matter your beliefs, past actions or the words you use. Just ask Archangel Michael please help me!  He will be there!

Love Rachel x

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