What It Means to Find a White or Coloured Feather

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Have you ever found a feather at a moment when you most needed support or a sign?

White feathers are angelic calling cards. They show up as a “Hello from Heaven” to remind you that your guardian angel is with you and hearing your prayers. They show up at times when you need comfort, validation and support.

Angel Feathers are usually, but not always, pure white

These perfectly-timed signs have significant meanings, personal to you!

Here are some examples of how angels will send feathers in unusual ways:

I was  at LA Airport feeling really anxious about the 15 hour flight to Sydney, I prayed for a sign that my angels were with me. At the gate a huge white feather floated towards my feet. I knew instantly that I was safe and the flight would be fine!

I was outside the vetinarian office, tears streaming down my face, I had to make the decision to put down my beautiful old dog, Lucky. I asked the angels if it’s  really his time to go. A white feather flew towards me at speed , floating horizontally towards my face. There isn”t even a breeze. I knew that was a yes.

I was feeling unwell, I walked in the woods beside my home trying to figure out the cause.  A sleek black feather floated down in front of me. I knew instantly that the message was to protect my energy. I did and felt 100% better. 

On the 100th  trip up and down the stairs to my apartment to lug boxes to my car, I felt exhausted and alone. I started to question if I was making a mistake my moving house back to the town I’d lived in before. Then, a fluffy grey feather floated past my face and into my open hand. I knew everything would be okay. And it was!

These are all incredible angel interventions that happened at exactly the moment that I needed them. These well timed signs from Heaven demonstrate that angels are with us, we are supported, our prayers are heard and answered.

Sometimes the feathers come with a message which “downloads” into your mind as a thought or idea. Othertimes you get tears, goosebumps or a warm loving sensation of being hugged. Deep down you KNOW it’s a sign and not just a feather.

So, why are there other moments when you really, really want a sign, but nothing appears? Be patient. A sign will come. It may not come on your timeline or in the WAY that you expect it to. When we try to force signs its because we’re fearful that one isn’t coming. Your fear will block you.

Remain open and trust that the angels have your back!

Of course sometimes a feather, is just a feather

If your duck down quilt has a leak, you have a dozen white chickens in your yard or your garden is a regular roosting site for pigeons then chances are those feathers are mostly just feathers.

Angel signs come in Divine timing. Which makes them more special.

You simply can’t force or control these things.

So how do you know if your feather is really an angel message?

  1. The timing- it coincides with a prayer, a moment of need, a request for a sign.
  2. The feelings that accompany the feather, such as chills, tears, a wave of calm warmth and hope.
  3. The feather appears in an unusual way, in an unusual place and in such a way that you cannot miss it.
  4. You have a strong inner knowing about what it means.

Angel feathers are usually, but not always, white and fluffy. They will also send you other coloured feathers which have specific meanings.

Here is a quick guide to the different coloured angel feathers:

White feathers These are THE quintessential sign from your guardian angel.

As the saying goes: When white feathers appear your angels are near!  By dropping  white feathers in your path, the angels are acknowledging your prayers and showing that they want communicate with you.

Grey feathers mean that everything is going to be okay.  The changes you are making or thinking of making will improve your life. Your G.A. drops grey feathers to comfort and reassure you and confirm you are on the right track.

Black feathers are a message from the angels that you need to protect your energy urgently.  You are in danger of being knocked out of alignment by negative energy, overwork, or low vibe thoughts.

Protect your energy immediately using angel energy protection methods. Then  lift your vibration through prayer and loving thought and action. Walk away from any negative situation.

Black and white feathers You need to cleanse and protect your energy. Black and white feathers can indicate a change coming, they remind you to call on your angels.

Green Feathers are a clear message from the Archangel Raphael the angel of health and healing Ask for his help in directing your next steps with regard to your health or your healing career.

Blue Feathers are a sign from the Archangel Michael! These may arrive as a reminder to protect yourself or cut your cords. Call on the Archangel Michael to help you with your current situation.

Pink Feathers: Represent Love. This can be a message from Archangel Chamuel to surround yourself and any situation with pink light (Divine Love Energy) to bring about healing.

Yellow Feathers signify Hope and light coming into your life and can be associated with Archangel Uriel and Asended Master Jesus. Yellow is also associated with abundance.

Multicoloured Feathers- this can be a sign that Archangel Raziel is working with you. Or there are multiple Archangels by your side.

Eagle, Hawk, Cockatoo, Peacock, and Kookaburra feathers– These are powerful gifts from the angels and Divine.

When you find a special feather from a bird it is a gift and a sign from the Universe, your guides, ancestors, angels and the specific bird spirit messenger who wants to work with you. Look up the meaning of the bird for more information.

Gifted healers may receive an Eagle feather at some point as a gift to be used for healing/smudging/ clearing energy.

Feathers are uncomplicated signs from your angels. You don’t need to overanalyse them. They are most often a simple Hello from Heaven. 

You likely already know the message of your feather the very moment it appears,. The  first intuitive thought always drops in a second before your ego has a chance to second guess it.

Lastly, always thank your angels for the feathers and other heavenly communications you receive. This encourages more signs and guidance!

An Angel Prayer for clear signs 
Dear angels, Thank you for revealing your presence through your physical signs in my life, help me to notice and understand your messages & signs. Help me to have more faith. 

I ask for your help and intervention with …….. Thank you.


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