My Guide to Manifesting Abundance With the Angels

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Do you ever get frustrated with HOW to create your desires?

You have big dreams and you know you’re meant to be doing something meaningful and fulfilling but you can’t quite figure out what you’re meant to do.

I hear you, I used to feel that way too. I’d create the vision boards and read all the books, get excited but then nothing much would happen.

It left me feeling powerless and sometimes worse than before I started.

When I started working with angels, I discovered that I’d been missing a couple of really vital manifesting steps which make all the difference.

Using this method I’ve manifested some pretty amazing things over the years, including my recent move to my dream house overlooking the ocean, meeting the Dalai Lama, traveling to amazing places, and a business that I love.

Would you like to learn how to create your dreams in a simple way that works fast and is easy for you?

Today I’m sharing my Guide for Manifesting Abundance with the Angels.

This process is easy and super-effective. You can use it to manifest all kinds of abundance quickly.

I invite you to try it for yourself this week.

Sometimes when start to manifest something it can feel as if you’re going backwards. This is because you’re changing direction and momentum. It’s like turning a big ship in the ocean. You have to put some effort in to get the energy flowing the way you want it to!

Your ego can get really loud as fears & negative thoughts pop up, like weeds in a garden.

You might find yourself thinking things like:

“Life is about hard work & luck, not manifesting”

“I tried it before and it doesn’t work for me”

“I’m not very good at this”

or sarcastic”Why can’t I manifest a million dollars?”

I used to feel this way too. 

Manifesting is not just mental, it’s emotional and physical too. If you’re manifesting mone, you need an emotional attachment to the number so that you feel motivated to keep going and take the steps that show up.

You need to know why you want it and why it’s important for you.

You can manifest anything, even a million $$, if you’re willing to put the energy, time and emotional investment into it.

It’s important to weed out the unhelpful beliefs that come up by working with the angels to clear them.

Manifesting free of fear is fun & way more effective.

It’s so exciting to see what shows up when you follow the steps!

To manifest means to “make real”, to bring something out of imagination and inspiration and into physical reality.

It’s all about shifting your actions, your energy & your mindset to align with what you want.

Are you ready to give it a try with an open mind and heart?

Here are my tried and tested 5 steps to manifesting abundance with the angels .

#1 Ask for what you want.

Interestingly, this is where people can fall in a heap, before they’ve even started!

The act of asking can bring up a fear of disappointment, along with fears of being judged or guilt for appearing greedy. (see Step 2 for how to deal with these)

If you don’t specifically ask for what you want, or set a clear goal then how can you manifest it?

Write down exactly what you want. Don’t just ask for “more money, “financial abundance”, or “more work.” It’s  too vague. Be specific. What do you really want?

More abundance to one person might be $100k to another it might be $100. Be clear: Tell the angels exactly what you need.

During my Angel communication Certification Program in November I was teaching the group about how to ask the angels for guidance. Kelly asked about increasing her finances, this is what happened:

During the first group session, Rachel was helping us learn how to read the oracle cards, I asked the angels for guidance about receiving additional finances.  Rachel suggested I ask for a specific financial number that I wanted. 
I thought the only way to obtain the amount I asked for was through my new online business, and it would happen in the pretty far distance future. However, two weeks later my boss asked me if instead of them hiring someone for a new role they have been trying to fill if I could take on the additional work and they will give me a raise of the exact number I asked the angels for!

Asking is not greedy, it’s practical and it saves time and energy. Don’t worry about HOW you’ll get what you want, just ask for it with an open heart and mind.

#2 Identify and Release your Negative Blocks

To manifest you need to release the negative energy and thoughts that you have about receiving your manifestations.

Grab a sheet of paper and a pen, and write down all the negative thoughts, beliefs and fears that come up when you think about manifesting your desires.

A belief is only a thought that you keep thinking, it isn’t necessarily true. It probably isn’t.

The more you think about a negative belief, the more real it seems and you solidify it in your life as a block. You start to act as if this belief is real and you create that experience for yourself.

I was once told I wouldn’t find a rental that would allow me to have pets. Sure enough I scrolled the Real Estate lists and everything available said no pets. Then one day I decided to change that belief. I decided that it wasn’t true. There was surely some landlords who would allow pets. The next day I found my ideal home, at an ideal price which allowed pets! 

What are you believing isn’t possible for you? Can you change that belief.

Your list of fears and negative thoughts is a guide to your manifesting blocks.

These are the sabotaging thoughts which are keeping you from the life you desire.

Don’t get stuck there. Decide to release those negative beliefs and exchange them for more supportive beliefs and expectations.

Choose to release the energy & change the thoughts. I have so many tools & classes to help you to release these blockages.

Sign up to attend the Archangel Gabriel Attunement to Activate Your Highest intentions on January 13th

Download an audio healing such as my Cord Cutting Meditation

Step #3 Reach for Higher Energy

Counteract your mindset and energy blocks by connecting with Source energy through meditation and affirmations

Meditation will lift your vibration and clear your mind.

Affirmations are a powerful way to shift your mindset & attract new energy.

If one of your abundance blocks is “This is too hard” change it to: “It is so easy for me to manifest and receive what I need!”

If you think “This stuff doesn’t work for me” replace it with, “Manifesting works for everyone including me. I am willing to learn something new”

Do this for every negative thought. Cross out each negative thought with a red pen as you write out a new script to match your desires and intentions!

#4 Ask your Angels for Guidance.

This step is a game changer. When you invite the Angels to join you in manifesting, something amazing happens.

You no longer have to do it alone plus you have the benefit of  their guidance.

Angels are incredible energy healers and mindset adjusters, they can clear your energy blocks fast, nudge you to change your thoughts and connect you with the higher frequencies needed to draw your desires to you.

Best of all, the angels give you practical guidance steps, real life actions you need to take to bring about what you are dreaming about. When you request their help, you’ll receive intuitive guidance, experience synchronistic meetings and notice signs guiding you in the exact direction you need to go.

#5 Take Action


Manifesting sometimes requires action.

Yes, sometimes your desires come to fruition through synchronicity, but ofen you will need to take real-world steps and meet the Universe half way.

When you take a step towards what you intend to manifest, the Universe brings it 2 steps closer to you

There are 3 ways you can use inspired action to make your dreams a reality:

1- Action in Faith- This means acting as if your dream is coming true to let the Universe know that you’re sincere. This often invokes a fast response!

For example- Manifesting a holiday? Buy a new suitcase or travel vanity bag or something to symbolise this new trip. Manifesting a new job? Put a bottle of fizz in the fridge to be opened when you get the job.

Have fun thinking of all the ways you can show the Universe you KNOW this is happening for you!

2-Stay tuned in to your angel’s and intuition for repeated i guidance which may come as inspired ideas, insights, inner nudges, downloads, messages, synchronicities and visions that will lead you to your manifested reality. Your angels are on the job and they will guide you to what you want in ways you can’t imagine. You need to follow this guidance!

3-Brainstorm all the actions YOU can reasonably take now which will draw your manifestation to you. The angels can’t do everything! Write down all the ideas that come to mind. Even if some seem silly.

This activity creates incredible energy.

Stay focused and take action on those things that feel aligned and right for you.

For example:If you are manifesting becoming a published author- get writing, research writing coaches, editors, proof readers, take a class, find a support group or mentor.

Prepare to be excited and surprised at what shows up in response to your inspired action!

So that is my Guide to Manifesting with the Angels.

I invite you to start NOW by writing your specific intentions and goals & follow all the steps to #5. Rinse and repeat until you get to #6 which is RECEIVE.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium

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