If you wish to communicate with Divine Beings, then you must restore your Divine qualities through virtue and service.

Lao Tzu

I was once visited by a man, not long separated from his partner who’d treated him dreadfully. He was left traumatized, broke and bitter. The purpose of his visit was to find out how the angels could help him to get revenge on the person who had “ruined his life”. He had a plan, he just needed some things to fall into place. I explained that the angels were not able to do that they came from Love but they could help him heal and move on. He protested, were they not his “servants” meant to do his bidding? I took a deep breath, (thinking jeez I have to get out there and do some PR for these angels!)

NO! I replied : They were not, Angels are not here to serve our ego’s but our higher selves.Angels bring us peace in a way that does not harm anyone.  He angrily got up to leave. I asked him how it would feel to be able to let go of the person with out having to go through the vengeful plan. He looked blank, but he sat back down!

You see this misguided gentleman felt that the only way to peace was through revenge. He felt that his power had been lost to this person and so by humiliating them, he could take it back.

Dark thoughts, actions and emotions will lead you only into darkness and dig you deeper into the pain. Only loving thoughts and actions will lead you to the peace all of us are seeking. You cannot heal a broken heart by acting out of hatred and revenge. You definitely cannot reach your angels for communication and connection by dwelling in the lower frequencies either.
Everything any of us really wants can only ever occur in the frequency of Divine Love. It is the highest frequency of all, and you get there by BEING it.

It is a simple energy equation: negative, fear based thoughts are low vibrating frequencies that act like tethers on a hot air balloon keeping your life and you down. You need to energetically release yourself from those thoughts and replace them with love.

Positive love based thoughts and actions, such as kindness, service, forgiveness and non judgment act like wings lifting your life & awareness to a higher level

It is so easy to go the negative route when things go wrong, especially when dealing with a person who is coming from a low place. However part of your life’s work is in learning how not to do that. You don’t need to be perfectly angelic but you become more conscious and peaceful each time that you act from Love rather than fear. You shed layers from your own mistaken identity as a victim of scarcity loss and persecution.

Our faithful loving angels teach us that in order to survive and enjoy life that we need to choose love not hate. No one suggests that we need to put up with bullies, tricksters and tyrants, we certainly cannot raise to those higher levels whilst in the shadow of someone else’s darkness.

The best thing you will ever do for yourself is to leave a toxic situation and quit trying to change it or yourself in order to fit in.

Being loving does not include becoming a door mat or allowing others to be rude or hurt you. Lovingly standing up for yourself is a very high frequency that will definitely attract more abundance of all things towards you. The Universe LOVES great boundaries!

The angels worked a miracle that day on the gentleman, he left with a surprised awestruck expression and a sparkle in his blue eyes. We cleared him of the energy that was still holding him to that person and he instantly felt free. The exact way he was trying to feel by sending hatred. The angels helped him to see a brighter future for himself. He forgave himself and his past. He told me his desire to hurt his exe had gone! ( hooray!)

I am in the midst of writing my new book called “My Life with Angels” I am including the many angel interventions like this one that I have experienced both in my healing room and my personal life, to teach you how to have a closer connection to your own angels, how the angels can help with challenges heartbreak, healing and catastrophe.

As I am putting all of these events together in one place I am in awe at the support , wisdom and love that I and my clients have received.I have been lead by angels for the last twenty years I have met Angels, seen their holy faces illuminated by light, Heard their voices and their music and they continue to teach and lead me every day.

If I am asked one question above all others, it is “How can I see and hear my angels?” It’s a good question and the answer is: be more like an angel. Be willing to change your thoughts of judgment and fear to those of love,( with everyone) begin it now. Not only will you experience the angels, but your life, your finances and your sense of inner peace will expand and change for the better.

I am sending you so much love for your week, may it be blessed in many surprising and wonderful ways.
Love Rachel xx

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