Life is Happening For You, Not To You.

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Life is happening for you, not to you.

When I first heard that statement I wasn’t so sure I believed it.

I was in a destructive relationship, I felt musunderstood by my loved ones and very lost.

I couldn’t figure out my purpose and I seemed to jump from one stressful, draining, unfulfilling job to another.

Deep down I knew I was meant for more but I was buried deep in fear & low worth.

The belief that life is happening to you, is a major block.

It puts a giant wall of resistence between you and any help that the Universe sends.

When you feel powerless, limited, and persecuted you can’t manifest anything new.

You tend to feel as if you’re in a canoe without a paddle about to go over a waterfall.

Because your beliefs always shape your experience.

When you believe that life is happening for you, then you drop that wall of negativity & you’re able to access your personal guidance and manifest opportunities, abundance and love.

You finally pick up your paddle, and steer your life in alignment with the Divine Universal plan for your life. (The one that reflects your dreams)

You understand that those times when you felt powerless, lost and hurt were never sent to persecute you and affirm your self doubt, but perhaps they did provide an opportunity to wake up and stand up for your worth.

Of course there are aspects of life that are not within our control.

But there are opportunities to access the Universal wisdom and ask for guidance and support.

You can’t possibly foresee the support and miracles waiting for you,

but if you stay closed down believing life is against you; you won’t even notice them when they show.

What appears to be an ending can lead to a whole new beginning.

What seems to be a delay or a block could be life saving!

My struggles with self worth and drama (created by my poor boundaries and choices) catapulted me into a determined search for healing, personal freedom and my Divine Life Purpose.

I soon kicked the toxic relationship to the kerb.

A short time later the guidance appeared and my path unfolded as a healer, angel medium and teacher.

Everyone has a personal dharma, a life purpose.

When you empower yourself to release the fears, negative beliefs and blocks which contribute to you feeling powerless then your gifts surface and your path becomes clear.

You find out why you’re here and in what way you are meant to serve!

Use this Affirmation if you feel life is happening TO you:

Even though I can’t see how,

I know that the Universe is working for and with me. 

When I release my resistance and let go of what no longer serves me, my life flows in alignment with my Divine Good. All is Divinely well.

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

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