You have been criticizing yourself for years and that has not worked, try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Louise Hay

I’d let my yoga practice slip and today, when I noticed my head was not getting halfway close to my knee, I began to chide myself. This led to another scolding about my lack of exercise, and another until I had a pretty good case against myself. Then I remembered that I had started the day with the intention to love & forgive myself!

A voice broke through these thoughts with There is nothing wrong with you” It hit me like a brick as I saw this is the truth:

There is nothing wrong with any of us.

We are all suffering from fears that we’ve gathered our whole lives from rejections, judgments, trauma and because we assume our worth is based on perfection and other people’s opinions.

Our worth is based on none of those things. Our worth is a given, direct from the Divine. We are Light not sent to live exemplary lives but to throw ourselves into the mess and find ourselves, connect to our spirit and love who we are.

Of course we make mistakes: from eating too many cookies, to snapping at our loved ones, perhaps you, like me, have made some doozies, that could have saved a whole lotta heartache, money a& nd time if only we knew then what we know now. But that was not the point….

The key to self forgiveness is to look at it from a different perspective.

Maybe you need to forgive yourself for how someone else has treated you… (read that again for full impact) & now it is time to give up believing that you can control how other people behave.

Perhaps you are carrying the burden of of other people’s expectations, abuse or disapproval, and it is time to place it back at their feet where it belongs.

The problem is not that we have made mistakes, it is the feeling that we can’t recover, it is the misguided assumption that, mistakes, hurt and guilt, judgment accumulate to mean something is wrong with us..

It doesn’t.

What if you knew that all those mistakes, all those challenges, losses, the hardship and the reason you do not seem to have your “ducks in a row” is not because you are flawed but because you have chosen a deeper path in life, the one that was going to challenge you & polish your soul like a diamond.

What if you signed up for the journey which was not going to be easy but like any pilgrimage was going to make you dig deep, mine your soul for answers, and still find the compassion and energy to keep going when others would not

You are not here to live a perfect material life but to live,shine and learn your own magnificence through courage, choices and being different, being exactly who you are. You cannot take responsibility for other people’s behavior, only yours.

Sure not everyone will get it, not everyone will approve of you, but you can! And people pleasing is not your purpose remember?

I believe that life gets easier when we forgive ourselves and when we love ourselves anyway. I did forgive myself today and then, in yoga, my head got really close to my knee!! Funny that.

Have a loving week!
Love Rachel

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