You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I often work with people who feel stuck and lost, deep down they do know what they want to do but they feel trapped by fear. We are all afraid to take risks, change can seem scary but ultimately if we do not make those changes and allow fear to hold us, then we stagnate. We run the risk of never sampling the freedom and adventure that taking those steps towards heart’s desires brings us. We risk not meeting our soul’s goals this life time.

The comfort zone becomes a prison.

This present moment on earth is a time of huge change, massive shifts, internally and globally, we all have our part to play and whilst we can think and act globally we do need to also follow our own hearts with faith to ensure that we do what we came here to do. Being present and fulfilled helps the world, living with passion and purpose contributes to the light on earth.

We must all face our FEARS!

Thinking back over the last 20 years, every time I have faced a fear I have discovered something new about myself, and grown, expanded and changed. I have ended up with more to give and share as a result, we serve no one by remaining small.  I came to Australia alone in 1998, emigrated in 2000 moving to a beautiful coastal town, I started my own business as an Angel Medium and Energy Therapist a few years after that. Yes I have had hardship and heartbreak too but I have also  grown  and had incredible experiences that would never have touched me if I had stayed on the tiny island where I was born and raised.

I know how it feels to feel trapped because I have experienced the fear of making changes to my personal life, afraid of other people’s opinions, afraid of making a mistake scared to be poor…believing I could not do it. Ultimately I broke out of that cycle of procrastination and faced the fear . The Transformation that followed made my life better in every way. When I look back every fear I have faced has resulted in my growth and expansion.

We are energy beings, ALL energy needs to flow, our Souls are born to grow and yet we have this small scared part of us that longs to stay safe.

Fear can serve us sometimes too, when we feel that niggling doubt on signing on the dotted line ( or walking up the aisle?) it can be a message from the soul that says, hold on there… take a moment? check in! However that fear is nothing like the suffocating life stealing fear of failure.

One thing I have noticed that when we take a step in the direction of our dreams, an unseen hand comes out to support us, previously invisible doors open, dormant forces awaken, something within our energy activates courage, confidence and wisdom that would never have surfaced without that step, the Universe draws us forward until success becomes inevitable. Something magical happens because you are walking your truth not living under the spell of FEAR, you break the paralyzing curse by simply stepping forward.
My wish for you is that you feel the spirit of this message and let it gently encourage you towards your hearts desire, let this be the kiss that wakes you!  Perhaps you are in a place where you need the inspiration to discover what your heart actually wants or maybe you already know but have covered it in blankets and dust hoping for a sign one day to let go…. well this is that sign.

The energy right now is ripe for this kind of courageous action, the moment is here to make your move. Take one small step. See what happens, make it an experiment, wake from your sleep!
You need not do it alone, you have beautiful beings,  Angels, who are with you every step of the way with guidance , protection and love.

I did not feel to channel a message this week in the normal way, yet every cell tells me this is channeled, and that those who need it will read it and feel the change within. Courage, truth and surrender are all that are needed!

Are you feeling it? There is something big happening, a calling, a rumble that is effecting us all. the more aware and awake you are too it, the more frustrated you might feel, it is comforting and unsettling at the same time! You are not alone, call on your angels and ask for assistance, it is all available for you, you need only ASK!

I want to let you know that the Uluru workshop is going to be big for all who attend, I have tuned into the time and place and I can feel the energies building,  There will be a lot of healing available for all who attend…those who are meant to be there will come.. I know that, so this is not a marketing salesy post but a call to action from my soul to yours. If you feel guided but are not sure how,,, email me, there are a few places left and I will work with you to bring your hearts desire to fruition.This is a chance to connect deeply and spiritually to yourself and your guides and angels, its a special place at a special time on earth. Gaia is calling many people to the chakra centres and sacred places for this reason. Purpose and passion are so important right now, finding your guidance, shedding old karma and past pain.

Love and eternal blessings Rachel Scoltock


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