How Letting Go Creates Divine Miracles

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Letting go means surrendering to the Divine Power within you
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People think that letting go means giving up. What it really means is opening your hands and releasing your mental grip on a situation while offering it to the Angels and Divine Intelligence for healing and solutions.

The act of letting go will produce miracles when you are courageous enough to do it.

Two years ago a man booked in for a guidance session, his business was not working and he wanted to make it work  so he could enjoy the prosperity and lifestyle he dreamed of. When I dug a little deeper I discovered that this man was not enjoying working in his business at all. He hated it! But he felt committed both financially and to his business partner. This poor man was miserable thinking his only option was to make the existing project work so he could later follow his dreams to retrain and start a new business doing something closer to his heart.

The angels guided this man to let go: to stop struggling with the existing business and to start to follow his dream anyway.

My client laughed at this guidance. He was worried about losing his financial investment, upsetting his partner, being seen as a failure etc.. and besides there seemed to be no money available to pursue his plans.

The angels repeated their message “Let go, Surrender and trust the Divine Power will find a way. The money would come”

A few months after the session this man contacted me again with some amazing news. A stress related illness had eventually forced him to take time away from the business. He survived on what little money he had and though he was not rich he immediately felt happier and more peaceful. He could not face going back to work so he decided to pull out of his partnership. HE FINALLY LET GO!

In the meantime he scraped, begged and borrowed funds until he had enough to study. As soon as he signed up for his dream course, his business partner bought him out giving him exactly the money he needed to start his new business. Win win!

This is a perfect example of how things can work out when we let go, trust  and follow our true guidance.

This lovely person could not possibly access his abundance, dreams or intuition from within the unhappy situation. He was trying too hard to control life. Back then he thought HE knew how his plan could unfold if only he could make it work.., he convinced himself of all the reasons why leaving would not work based only on what he believed was true in that moment. He did not trust any other possibility so his limited beliefs kept him stuck and unhappy.

The moment he let go, the cycle broke and his true path appeared along with the support to follow it.

When you try to control any problem you force your ego-will upon it, no matter how you justify your actions you are not leaving room for any other possibilities. You do not leave room for your angels and god to intervene. You cant ask for angelic help and then follow your ego’s advice- it never works!

The angel’s guidance seemed outrageous and impossible to him at the start… From his ego perspective he could not see HOW it would work out so he believed it would not.  He could not imagine how money would arrive and so his ego created a struggle path to create abundance. His struggle eventually led to stress and illness.

Letting go involves a deep surrender admitting that you cannot and do not know what to do or how to do it. In letting go you give your problem wholly to the Divine and the Angels. You unpeel your mental and emotional ego grip on the situation by admitting you cannot do it all alone.

The Divine Power always knows what to do even when you do not. There is always a way, even when it seems impossible to you in this moment.

It takes courage to stop clinging to what you think is right and to have enough faith to not know how it will all work out.

Here is a simple free meditation to help you to let go and surrender whatever you face to the Divine and your Angels.
You are very loved!
Rachel xx

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