This week marks my 18th year as an Angel Medium and spiritual teacher!🥳

My business has evolved and grown every year.

I’ve written 2 books, served 1000’s of clients and taught hundreds of programs and workshops.

None of this would have happened without one pivotal leap of faith.

I’d probably be working in a 9-5 office, still dreaming what if…😱

At the time I had no idea what my purpose was. I felt lost, frustrated & stuck. I was going around in circles and nothing seemed to fit for me.

Then I saw an ad for an Angel Psychic development workshop.

It terrified me, but I really, really wanted to go.

It felt right. But the trouble was- The $$$!

It was $1500 which I did not have.

My partner at the time was furious that I was even thinking about it.

 Maybe next year I sighed, feeling myself sink back into a familiar slump.

But I couldn’t get that 3 day workshop off my mind, so I decided privately, if I could find the money I would go.

I paid a small deposit as an act of faith and prayed my little heart out.

Over the next few weeks the EXACT money showed up in dribs and drabs from all different sources.

Finally with a massive ball of anxiety in my stomach I paid for that workshop and the accomodation in full.

It was exactly what I needed. Absolutely life changing. All the lights went on.💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

On the trip home feeling lighter and happier than I’d felt in years: My healing business DROPPED into my consciousness, complete with step by step directions about how to bring it to fruition.

It was the most sure I’d ever felt about anything.

A few months later I opened my biz and the rest is….her-story!

I am living my dream.

Sure I struggled at first. I had doubts, I had a bunch of negative nellies telling me how I would fail miserably.

I wanted to give up many times. Most people close to me wanted me to just get a normal job!

Funny, they don’t say that anymore.

But I didn’t give up I just kept evolving and each time I hit a barrier, I’d take another leap of faith. I still do.

It’s not perfect but it works.

The thing is you never feel ready to leap into your dreams.

As far as the ego is concerned, you’re never qualified enough,  the perfect time never arrives, there’s always a life drama or something else that needs your attention. You’ll never be perfectly, perfect enough!

You don’t need to be 100 percent ready with a clean kitchen, great hair, with the kids married off  and the dog over it’s latest behavioural issues!

All you need is a strong intuitive feeling that you were meant for more, along with a deep desire and enough passion to start.

When I started I had a weird looking wooden massage table my partner had made for me.

I produced all my brochures on my home printer & walked the streets putting them in mailboxes.

My business grew one day, one step at a time. But I was doing what I loved and that is what mattered.

Luckily it wasn’t long before I bought a proper massage table for my healing clients and everything started to flow.

If you feel stuck right now  thinking you aren’t ready for your dreams or you’re struggling to work out exactly what you need to do to get away from the same old, same old …. It’s definitely time for your leap of faith.

(Ask yourself, where do you want to be in a year?- close your eyes, do you want too be doing what you are doing now, in 1 year?)

If the answer is a resounding no, or you felt nauseous at the thought, you need to take a step now to make sure that you are not living this reality indefinitely!

It’s time to take a step out of your comfort zone, stop listening to the BS excuses and MOVE.

Do one thing that tells the Universe and your inner self that you aren’t going to let fear, doubt and limiting beliefs stop you.

Incredible things can unfold if you believe in yourself even 1 percent today more than yesterday.

Open up to your intuition.

I want to thank you so much for being part of this 18 year adventure with the Angels.

Angel Blessings

Rachel x


If you haven’t a clue how to get unstuck and create a more meaningful, prosperous and fulfilling life, I can help My Awaken Your Soul Gifts Intuitive Certification Program is designed to give you exactly what you need to get unstuck and get on your Divine Life Purpose.

You can pay a small deposit and start the journey today. Contact me here to see if this is a good fit for you.

And…Comment below and tell me what excuses your ego is giving you! I’ll reply!

Artist Credit Ruth Sanderson


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