This week marks 2 special anniversaries- 1 my 11th year as an Australian citizen and my 21st year as an Angel Medium and spiritual teacher!???

My business has evolved and grown every year. Thanks to a lot of hard work and the constant support of my angels.

I’ve written 2 books, helped 1000’s of clients, and taught hundreds of programs, classes,  and workshops. I’ve had the honour to connect with and meet so many of wonderful, beautiful souls like you.

None of this would have happened without a leap of faith.

I’d probably still be working in a 9-5 office, contorting myself into a pretzel trying to fit in,  and still dreaming what if…?

Back then, just before the angels intervened, I really had no idea what my purpose was.

I felt lost, frustrated & stuck. I was going around in circles and nothing seemed to fit for me.

My partner at the time got me a job checking meters for the Electricity company! I hated it, I knew I was meant for more. I lasted a week!

Then I saw an ad for an Angel Psychic Development Training course with a teacher that I trusted.

It terrified me, but I really, really wanted to go. I knew in my bones it was right for me.

It felt right. But the trouble was I didn’t have the money.

It was $1500 which I did not have!

 Maybe next year I sighed, feeling myself sink back into a familiar slump of despair.

But I couldn’t get that workshop off my mind, so I decided privately, if I could find the money I would go.

I prayed my little heart out. I asked the angels:

Please angels, if I am meant to do this please give me signs, show me how and bring me some money or a way to pay it off.

The first miracle that happened was that the workshop organisers offered to hold my place for a deposit! This was not advertised but I called them to ask if they were likely to sell out.

I held my intention strong. Over the next few weeks the EXACT money showed up in dribs and drabs from all different sources.

Finally, I booked that workshop.

The workshop was exactly what I needed. Absolutely life changing. All the lights went on.???My inner soul light was dialled all the way up!

On the trip home feeling lighter and happier than I’d felt in years: The idea to start my own healing business dropped into my mind. It was the most sure I’d ever felt about anything.

A few months later I opened my biz at home. It was called Beautiful Soul Healing.

and the rest is….her-story! (I’ve written about this in detail in my book My Life with Angels)

I am living my dream career and life. I love it so much.

Sure I struggled at first. I had doubts, I had a bunch of negative noonoo’s telling me how I would fail miserably. That it was a stupid idea. To get a normal job, That no one wanted Angel Readings, Angel Workshops, Angel Healing.

But I did not listen. My guidance and my inner will to do this was stronger!!

The thing is you will never feel entirely ready to leap into your dreams and find your purpose.

You don’t need to be 100 percent ready with a clean kitchen, great hair, and the dog over it’s latest issues!

All you need is a strong intuitive feeling that you were meant for more, along with enough passion to take your leap of faith towards whatever makes your heart sing.

You just need the first step. Not the whole journey, that comes later.

I want to thank you so much for being part of this 21 year adventure with the Angels.

If you feel called to work with the Angels, to discover their guidance for you, develop your spiritual gifts, learn how to bring through their messages for yourself and others, my new Certification program- The Angel Communication Practitioner Training is for you! We start VERY SOON Go here to find out more.

Angel Blessings Rachel x

If you haven’t a clue how to get unstuck and create a more meaningful, prosperous and fulfilling life, I can help,  Angel Communication Practitioner is designed to give you exactly what you need to get unstuck and get on your Divine Life Purpose.

You can pay a deposit and start the journey today. Contact me here to see if this is a good fit for you

Angel Communication Certification Program

Angel Communication Certification Program


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