Today I want to talk to you about how your ego can try to block you when you are about to breakthrough to make a positive shift in your life.

Understanding how your ego works makes it so much easier to overcome it’s attempts to sabotage you.

Ego is the untrusting part of you that generates negative, anxious, critical thoughts, and second guesses your intuition.

In small doses ego is useful for keeping you motivated and grounded. In big doses it can keep you stuck indefinitely.

Have you noticed that when you commit to making a positive shift in your life the decision is usually followed by fear, anxiety and regret? (usually at 2am)?

This is your ego.

A stream of  worst case scenarios pour into your mind convincing you that you’re about to make a massive mistake.?

But ego is no real match for you and your angels if you’re truly commited to creating positive change in your life.

I confess, I had a dark night of the ego recently just before I joined the Sacred Sites Tour in England.

Nowadays, I know that these fears are a sign that I am on the right path, not the opposite!

But I’ve seen this pattern arise with some of my clients too:

They enthusiastically go to book a spot on a retreat or program, and then….. all their fear and resistance comes up.

It might show up as a sleepless night of regret, anxiety and guilt.

It can manifest as self-sabotage: missing the early bird, showing up late, losing the links or car keys, over-thinking and procrastinating.

Sometimes ego makes us analyse blocks such as  stormy weater, a headache or technology problems, as a bad omen which they’re not.

This is when they contact me saying: I think (the barrier/ worry/ challenge) is a sign that I’m not meant to attend.

I usually ask a few questions to ascertain whether it’s a genuine barrier or an ego creation.

Then I always advise them to ask for Archangel Michael’s help to release their fear and keep going anyway with faith and trust.

99.9% of the time the obstacles melt away making way for  miracles and synchronicities to take their place.

I have a hundred stories I could tell about ego- created obstacles that disappear when you act in faith: a flight that waited for my very late retreat client, a broken down vehicle rescued against the odds by a tow-truck on an empty desert road,

Those who had no $$ to join my class but then the perfect amount of money showed up as needed.   

The day before my Reiki workshop there was a huge storm and a massive tree fell across the road from my venue blocking all 18 clients. Some had driven over 5 hours for the course. They all  made it to the venue and an hour later the sun was out.

The darkness never wins!

 You see, ego is all about fearful illusions. The problems it creates are not real and can be easily undone and healed when you apply the right energy.

There aint no mountain high enough if you are willing to let go of your ego resistance and allow the angels and your soul to work their magic.

Ego resistance is one reason why I include healing sessions in the Angel Communication Program. Whenever we go through a positive change, ego and fear come up to pull us back into smallness and fear.

Have you been procrastinating about joining ? I can make it easy for you. 

This is the perfect opportunity to clear negativity and  fear and release the grip that your ego has on you. tap into your Angel’s guidance and discover the next steps that are waiting for you!

Love and Angel Blessings 

Rachel Scoltock

Angel medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author




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