How To Increase Your Psychic Energy

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How to Increase and protect your psychic energy. Listen to this blog 9.36 minutes

One of my goals as a spiritual teacher is to empower you to discover your own intuitive abilities and learn how to work with powerful positive energy of the angels so you can receive their guidance too.

This means becoming more psychically aware.

One of the most common questions I am asked is; Can anyone become more psychic, or do you have to be born with it?

The answer is YES, to both!

Everyone is born with natural intuition, you have the ability to develop those gifts to become more psychic.

Some people are naturally psychic, just like some are naturally artistic or musical.

But even the most naturally gifted with psychic (or any other) abilities must go through some training to strengthen, protect, and expand their gifts.

Of course not everyone has a life purpose as a psychic or healer. Some people just aren’t interested in intuition, healing, or spirituality, and that’s okay too!

If you ARE drawn to develop your psychic abilities it is for a reason.

It’s a sign in itself that it is part of your soul’s journey.

When you take a step to learn more, you’ll deepen your understanding of your life path.

You’ll discover how your gifts can help you, and perhaps others too.

Your psychic energy is linked to your aura, the energy field around you, and your chakras, the energy centres in your body.

Many of these energy centres are misunderstood. For instance you have the third eye in your forehead area, but did you know there is also a psychic chakra at the back of your neck too? This energy gateway is very sensitive and often remains unactivated.

As you become more aware of your spiritual body such as your aura, third eye, and your psychic chakras, you become more open and sensitive to your soul guidance as well as messages and signs from spirit and your angels.

This means that you need to learn psychic protection and how to expand and withdraw your energy!

Psychics expand, cleanse, protect, and strengthen this spiritual energy around their body so they can receive clear messages and see angels and other visions.

They’re not psychically switched on all the time. That would be exhausting. So they must learn to withdraw their energy too for normal interactions.

These are important practices that will help to deepen awareness of the higher frequencies that other people don’t usually sense or see.

It takes consistency to develop strong reliable psychic energy, but it isn’t hard to do.

One of the most vital practices is psychic protection, because by tapping into your psychic gifts, you will become more sensitive and susceptable to positive AND negative energy.

The practices for opening the third eye, protecting and expanding the aura, and linking to Angels are so powerful and you can feel the benefits in a short time.

Each time you practice you’ll feel a deep sense of inner peace and connection.

I teach these practices in my Angel communication courses and  attunement classes.

I love to see the thrilled faces of my participants when they get powerful visions and messages.

I’d like to share with you one of my favorite practices for increasing your psychic energy through your aura.

Your aura is a field of intelligent energy around you.

It constantly senses and processes information, subtle vibrations, intentions, and emotional energy. Your energy field is linked to your intuition and picks up on information long before your mind acknowledges it.

  • Have you ever felt that someone is looking at you, and turned around to see their eyes on you?
  • Have you met a person and felt uncomfortable, even though they haven’t said or done anything wrong?
  • Have you ever sensed an unseen positive or negative presence around you?

If you have experienced any of these then you know that it was your aura picking up on this information and transmitting it to you!

If your aura is unhealthy, or cluttered negative energy and psychic debris then you may miss a lot of intuitive messages.

By cleansing and energising your energy field with high frequency light on a daily basis you will increase the connection between your conscious mind and the psychic messages you receive via your energy field.

How to Increase and Protect Your psychic Energy

Begin by invoking the angels by saying:  Angels please help me to cleanse and expand my psychic energy.

Focus on your breath, breathing in and out, steadily and slowly.

As you breathe deeply, imagine a great golden mist surrounding you. This is angel energy sent to purify and activate your aura.

As the golden mist settles around your aura, you become aware of the edges of your energy field, illuminated in gold.

Scan your field. With your eyes closed, imagine reaching out to the very edges of your aura, above, below, either side, and infront and behind you.

Get an idea of where your aura sits, how big it is.

Inhale and send more gold energy into your aura.

As you exhale, expand the gold light in your aura all around you. Make it bigger.

Strengthen your field with this golden energy, imagine it repairing any holes and tears. Boosting your energy field outwards.

See the golden light intensifying.

As you breathe, send away any lower energies, worry, mental clutter, and other people’s energy that may be bothering you.

See these situations leaving your energy field as bubbles, let the angels take them away.

Now inhale and imagine drawing your aura towards you again, thicken the energy around you, bringing your aura tight and close to your body.

Exhale and expand outwards again.

Draw it inwards once more  bringing your energy to a comfortable size around you.

Now you are clear, highly charged with golden angel light and you will feel more naturally intuitive.

End the session by asking the angels to protect and cloak your whole auric field with a strong shield of violet light.

Imagine that violet shield being stronger and more intense around your head, forehead, temples, wrists, and neck where you have very sensitive psychic centres.

This exercise will increase your intuitive awareness and boost your psychic energy, you also feel more positive and vital in general.

Cleansing, charging and protecting your aura will ensure negative and blocking energies are kept away so you can be more psychically aware.

I’d recommend using this practice 3-5 times a week to increase your psychic receptivity. It’s a good idea to use this  practice before asking for guidance or pulling an angel card to ensure you receive the message more clearly.

You can also use this anytime that you feel drained and in need of a spiritual boost.

Let me know how you feel after trying this exercise in the comments below:

You can find out more about how to safely increase your psychic energy your aura, intuition and connecting to angels on my upcoming Psychic Awakening for Your Third Eye Attunement and by joining my Certified Angel Communicator Program!.

Angel Blessings

Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Author

Rachel Scoltock is an Angel Medium and Spiritual Teacher who inspires you to awaken to your intuitive gifts and connect with the angels for guidance. An angel expert with 2 decades as an angelic channel, she is the author of 2 books: Loving your Sensitive Self and My Life with Angels Both available on Amazon, kindle and most online bookstores.



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