How To Increase Your Psychic Energy

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Increase your psychic energy
One of my goals as a healer, medium and teacher is to empower you to discover your own intuitive guidance and learn how to work with powerful positive energy and angels to heal your life.
One of the most common questions I am asked is can anyone  hear and see angels and become more intuitive?

The answer is YES! Everyone has psychic energy, though not everyone has a life purpose as a psychic  healer but we are all born with natural intuitive gifts and we have the ability to develop those gifts to help us in life by attuning to angels and psychic energy.

Your psychic or intuitive energy is linked to your chakras the energy centres in your body which process life force or “prana” and enliven your spiritual self. As you become more aware of your spiritual aspects such as your aura and chakras which make up your energy body, you become more open and sensitive to your angels, your soul guidance and other unseen forces that can influence your well being.
Psychics expand and strengthen their psychic energy to receive clear messages and see angels and other visions.
It takes consistent practice to develop strong reliable intuitive energy but it needn’t be long or tedious work, in fact when I studied to become an angel medium I found the exercises exciting and extremely rewarding. Each process creates great inner peace and vitality and instantly charges your energy.

Here are three of my favorite practices for increasing psychic energy:

  1. Third Eye Breathing: this breathing exercise works fast to open and energize the inner eye- the most important chakra for seeing auras and visions, creating powerful visualizations and for increasing your psychic energy. Sit down on a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor, hold your hands gently over your stomach and begin to breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth, feeling your belly and chest rising and falling- do not over fill your lungs or get dizzy..go slow and easy for ten or more breaths until you relax completely. Imagine a golden sparkling cloud of light around your head. As you breathe let the light enter with the breath into your nose and direct it up into your forehead and to the space between your eyebrows ( the third eye chakra) imagine filling this area with the golden light. Exhale imagining any mental clutter and stress energy leaving on the out breathe. Refill the space with more golden light. Allow this golden vibrational light to energize this area with out expecting any changes at first. Visualize giving your third eye vitality and pure healing. Clear the space for visions. This will reward you with more energy, clear thoughts and mental pictures. Do this for no more than 10 minutes a day. Try asking a question or pulling a card at the end of the practice. With practice you will begin to notice colors and visions coming into your minds eye.
  2. Psychic Switch On: Use this when you need a message or to be particularly intuitive or tuned in: Imagine a stack of seven light globes in your mindseye- these represent your main chakras the energy centres which together make up your psychic antennae. Start with the deep breathing exercise above then visualize each globe as transparent… starting at the bottom, mentally go to each globe and using your breath and intention switch it on or light it up by imagining a candle inside each one. Go slowly and concentrate on filling each globe with bright light before moving to the next. When you get to the top globe- representing the crown chakra ask for the angels to surround and protect you and your chakras with purple light. Now you are ready to ask for a message, pull a card or tune in!
  3. Auric Awareness– your aura constantly picks up on energy- your aura usually knows something long before your mind acknowledges it. By connecting to your energy field on a daily basis you increase the connection between your conscious mind and your sensitive energy field. Call in the angels then use the breathing exercise above, as you breathe imagine a great golden mist surrounding you. as the mist settles you become aware of the edges of your energy field, illuminated in gold. Breathe deeply and send more gold energy into your aura and expand your field all around you, above, below, on all sides. Strengthen your field with this light and boost the energy outwards. Then draw it in and thicken the energy around you keeping your aura tight. Expand outwards and then draw inwards once more before bringing your energy to a comfortable size around you and cloaking your whole being in protective golden light.

You will find by using these exercises you not only increase your intuitive awareness and boost your psychic energy, you also feel more positive and vital in general. Anytime you feel drained or fatigued use the third eye breathing or aura exercize. If you feel unwell do the globe exercise but always protect your energy too!

You can find out more about how to safely increase your psychic energy your aura, intuition and connecting to angels on my upcoming Awaken Your Soul Gifts or Angel Communication Programs (contact me to find out more)

Or check out my books “Loving your Sensitive Self” and “My Life with Angels” Both available on Amazon, kindle and my website.

Ange Blessings

Rachel x



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