What Happens When You Ignore Your Guidance?

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Have you ever had an inner nudge, a persistent repeating thought, a clenched stomach or an uneasy feeling and stopped to wonder what these thoughts and feelings are trying to tell you?

OR do you push them away only to wish later that you had paid attention?

I have a vivid recollection of getting married in my early 30’s despite a constant chain of red flags and gut feelings warning me not to.

(There was even a funeral procession blocking my path on the day of the ceremony!)🙈

It’s easy to look back and understand the signs afterwards but how do you learn to trust and follow your guidance in the moment, with no logical reason to back you up!

In my experience it takes faith, practice and a bit of trial and error!

The first step is understanding WHY you overrode your guidance in the past.

There’s a tonne of spiritual wisdom in our so-called mistakes.

When you’re willing to  bring unconscious behaviours into awareness they can’t control you anymore!

I ignored the signs before my wedding because I got carried away with the romance, I didn’t want to face my real feelings & the obvious problems. I unconsciously worried I’d cause trouble if I spoke my truth.

And…I was so concerned about the opinions and feelings of my partner, I ignored my own.

I’ve forgiven myself for the times I ignored my intuition. You need to forgive yourself too!

Most of us were not taught to tune into the voice of our soul and follow our gut feelings. Quite the opposite.

When you know better, you do better!

I’ve even found a way to be grateful for my intuitive blunders!

I have come to understand that there is always a blessing locked inside every challenge.

Each time you meet the consequences of ignoring your guidance, you have an opportunity to make a new choice and listen next time.

Not surprisingly it was during my short, disastrous marriage that I fully woke up to my intuition and my angels. I learned to stand up for myself and my beliefs.

I stepped onto my Divine Life path by starting my healing business and left the marriage a short time later.

What I  want you to know is that no matter where you find yourself at this moment this is a compassionate Universe.

Your soul is a bright light within you, unscarred by any difficulty you have faced. It is always speaking to you through your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Your Angels never give up on you, even when you go off track and feel completely lost, they are with you ready to guide you back to your true path with signs and messages.

Every misstep is an opportunity to connect with this guidance, to learn who you really are and to wake up to the wisdom and power within you!

Angel Blessings Rachel x



  1. Jinny

    I wanted to forgive myself but I just don’t know how to and I cannot let go which is stopping me from moving on.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Self forgiveness comes when you decide to no longer carry the self punishing toxicity any longer. You serve no one by holding onto resentment towards yourself. You can ask the angels to help you to see yourself with compassion and to allow you to learn the spiritual lesson rather than hold yourself in blame and shame. It may help to do some brainstorming about what you needed from that experience! I always find that when I do that everything makes sense and I see myself with the eyes of compassion instead of judgment.

  2. Sheri

    I’ve ignored what my gut is telling me, yet, I find myself in the same situation.
    I can get out, but I’m so scared of hurting his feelings.
    Then I hear, “what about your feelings, Sheri?”.
    At what point do I honor myself?
    I know what to do but the words don’t seem to come out.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Your angels are right. Why do you need to sacrifice your happiness for another?
      Is it really loving or kind to stay with someone out of obligation and guilt? Even if someone’s ego is temporarily hurt that isn’t your burden to carry. You have a responsibility to yourself and to be honest so he can move on and find someone who really does want to be with him! Ask the angels to guide your words. In the meantime prepare so you can leave with Grace and love. All is well.

  3. Kerri

    Thanks Rachel. I feel a whole lot better about myself reading that.

    • Rachel Scoltock

      You are welcome Kerri! I think we can all spend too much time in regret and our angels want us to let go and feel peace x

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