Do You Trust Your Intuition?

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Over the past 20 years of teaching intuitive development and angel communication I’ve learnt that people always have the answers within them.

They’re receiving the messages just fine.

The real problem is that most people don’t trust their inner wisdom.

They override their guidance by dismissing, ignoring, and second-guessing it,

not because their guidance is inaccurate or unclear,

but because there is another voice that pops up:


The fear-voice is a combination of:

  • Your anxieties about making the changes your guidance is presenting to you.
  • Fear about the opinions and judgements of other people.
  • Scepticism about what you received.

You end up sabotaging the good advice from your Higher power because you’ve let fear take over.

Intuitive over-ride is like playing Whack-a Mole with your Soul!

Over-time your messages don’t go away, but they fade into the background as your fear -voice gets all the oxygen.

With ego in charge, life can feel full of anxiety, stress and distrust. You’ll start to feel disconnected from your Higher Power, the angels and your own soul.

How to know if you’re over-riding your intuition.

Think about a time where you made a decision that you now regret… wasn’t there a part of you that deep-down KNEW it wasn’t right for you?

When a situation fell apart – did you suddenly recall the red-flags that you willingly ignored or  misunderstood?

Do you feel frozen in indecision and concerned that you’re not receiving any guidance?

Your soul is always sending you messages and signals constantly. (so are your angelic guides)

Chances are you’re pushing away these helpful messages away with fear and doubt. 

Although it’s enlightening to look back and remember the red flags and intuitive nudges of the past.

Wouldn’t it be better to save time, energy and money and actually act on them when they first show up?

How to release intuitive over-ride and start trusting your intuition.

 There are 2 steps you can take to stop over-riding your intuition.

Step 1. is to take note of the intuitive messages and signs when they arise. Learn to recognise intuition versus the false messages from your ego.

Write these inspired ideas and synchronicities down and pretend you do trust them. What are they telling you to do?

Notice with detached curiosity how fear will try to distract you. Give these intuitive ideas attention and focus instead of immediately pushing them away.

Step 2: Is to work on the fear. Recognise the doubt and fear is trying to protect you like a suffocating over-protective parent.

It’s time to release this fear and any other energetic obstacles which you’ve built up as a way to keep yourself stuck and repeating old patterns.

You can do this by working with angels to cut the cords, use the Violet Flame to release the origin of the fear.

A huge amount of energy goes into keeping self doubt, worry, people pleasing and self sabotage active in your mind.  As you release the fear, you will also release how it’s been causing you to act small, over-give and block the flow of good into your life.

Read this blog about the Witch Wounds which often create blocks to intuition.

With your soul in charge, and freedom from limiting patterns and beliefs you will have amuch clearer intuitive channel which can reach you without being squashed each time.

You’ll start to make better decisions and find the right path to your goals.

Your life will light up with authenticity, alignment and joy as you start to live from your true self rather than the false ego.

I promise that the answers you need are already there within you and I want to help you to unlock them.

I have a very special event this week which can help you with releasing fear and negative patterns. The Violet Flame Attunement with Archangel Zadkiel. I’ll guide you through a clearing with the potent Violet Flame to release all that is blocking intuitive awareness, clearing your spiritual energy and home of lower energies. Go here to find out more.

Angel Blessings
Rachel x

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