How To Tell If Your Guidance Is Real Or False


Have you ever wondered whether you can trust your guidance and if the signs you see are real?

9 times out of 10 your signs mean exactly what you think they mean and your guidance is 100% trustworthy.

Your intuition is always the first thought that arises.

It’s the sceptical, ego fear-mind that second guesses your intuition, overriding and gaslighting your clarity into confusion.

I can say this with confidence because there were many times  that I ignored  red-flags & stubbornly over-rode my intuitive certainty by second guessing myself.

But I don’t beat myself up for these ego-directed diversions anymore/

I know that they are not failures, they are incredibly powerful and important wisdom lessons that no amount of money could buy.

They helped me to understand what is and is not real, and gain a powerful faith in my true intuition & the angels who guide me.

Knowing the difference between real and false guidance will give you the confidence to trust and follow your true guidance too.

And if you happen to wander off path, your angels are always waiting patiently and non- judgmentally, to guide you back to your true Divine path.

You only need to ask.

 How to tell if your guidance is real or false:

  • False guidance can be derogatory putting you or others down and painting you as powerless. OR it can puff you up with feelings of spiritual superiority and judgment. True guidance doesn’t place anyone above or below another and will always remind you of your power and freedom.
  • False Guidance offers a quick fix or a shortcut– Think get rich quick schemes or rushing in to relationships or contracts too quickly. True guidance will help you to grow and learn boundaries & guide you moment by moment.
  • False guidance will not bring what you really want-How many times have you put up with less than you wanted because you believed that might be all there is? Your fear causes you to override your intuition and accept bad treatment & less than you deserve. It will also guide you down dead ends. True guidance will always move you towards abundance, peace and love.
  • False Guidance can be random-True guidance is persistent and comes in response to a clear prayer or intention. Egoic guidance is often not attached to what you’re asking for and doesn’t match your highest intentions or goals. It’s usually a distraction or a diversion from your path and purpose!
  • False Guidance is ever-changing- Ego-based guidance is not consistent, it switches often. Changes stories or suggestions, makes false claims. One day you’re moving to the city, the next it’s the beach, then it’s the country. True guidance is persistent, repetitive and consistent with your goals and with the truth.
  • False Guidance Makes you ignore red flags – True guidance is honest & won’t confuse or gaslight you. It shows you the whole picture and helps you to make decisions and changes. False guidance will try to gloss over the warning signs.
  • False Guidance makes up fear stories- Ego guidance makes up unreal stories and fearful imaginings, drama and convoluted, worst case scenarios. True guidance is simple, peaceful and will never present you with worries. If there is a challenge, you’re true guidance will show you how to heal the situation peacefully.
  • Ego second guesses your own inner wisdom with doubt- Intuition doesn’t go against your wisdom, heart’s desires & common sense, neither will it undermine your inner peace.
  • Ego will keep you small and stuck. Real guidance is always working for your highest good, it will encourage you out of your comfort zone.

If you are unsure of any guidance you receive then always ask your angels to intervene with clear, easy to understand signs and messages. Say “Show me what I most need to know here for my highest good.”

When the angels are invited into your life they guide you, one step at a time to the best possible outcome along the most peaceful path.

Their guidance is repetitive, clear, meaningful, detailed and personal. You won’t need to question the validity because it will feel right and will bring about a positive outcome.

The path the angels map out for you will fit your personality, match your highest good and lead you away from drama and time wasting mis-steps.

If you’d like to completely clear your ego-interference for good and learn exactly how to receive genuine, detailed guidance join my signature Psychic Development Training the  Angel Communication Program

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Angel Blessings Rachel Scoltock

Angel Medium, Author, Psychic Development Mentor

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  1. Margie

    Thank you Rachel as always your posts are perfectly timedI have been going through much questioning now in these changing times and listening to my intuition and my doubts and fears about my job being terminated because of my choice to trust my body and my faith in the future, I watch your Angel readings replays as my busy life does seem to miss the live ones but every week the cards you draw are just so perfect for what I am going through and I am calling all those Angels to guide me and protect me. And help me make the right choices. Today I had another great Angel moment as I had to wade across the Daintree River crossing to meet my son and grand daughter in the boat, this has become a weekly event and I cannot help but feel nervous as there are crocodiles about quite a few actually so today I called Arch Angel Micheal and his band of mercy Angels to protect me, and still feeling a bit nervous I made it across and there right in front of me was a feather and a beautiful green Christmas beetle, I picked them up and gave them to my little 2 year old granddaughter and told her look what the Angels gave Nanny. We are expecting another baby grand child any day now and I believe the Angels are going to bring him in peacefully, I am praying it is so , so it will be. Thank you again beautiful Angel Rachel

    • Rachel Scoltock

      Dear Margie, Thank you for your thoughtful ( and eye opening) message! I have visited the Daintree River and seen the crocodiles, you are very brave! If I were you I would ask the angels to help you find another way that did not involve wading in the water. Re health choices: I understand this is a very confusing and challenging time for so many people. There is a lot of fear around and it can be hard to navigate to find your own inner guidance, which is why I write these articles. Our angels and higher self work together to protect us, without judgment and to guide us. But Archangel Michael told me years ago that we must always take steps in the physical world to protect ourselves as much as possible and the angels will do what they can too. Keep asking for clear signs for your highest good. This is what I did with my personal decision to get the jab and it was the right one for me. Stay safe and well, much love for your new Grandbaby! Prayers, peace and love Rachel x

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