How To Overcome Stuckness and Stagnation

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How to go from Stuck to Soaring

Dear Beautiful, talented, powerful you,

Do you ever feel stuck, trapped or stagnant in your life?

I happen know exactly what it feels like to live with a constant feeling of frustration and defeat. To deeply want change and healing but to not exactly know how to get there.

It can feel as if everywhere you turn you meet barriers or negativity, as if the world is plotting against you. 

You wonder what you might be doing to “attract” such struggle, why you can’t get on the path, what is wrong with you? ( and even where are the angels?!)

It’s so frustrating and dis empowering when you know deep down you were meant for a happier, more peaceful and flowing existence, you can feel it,

but you just can’t seem to get there.

It can lead to feelings of deep unworthiness and shame.

You can exhaust yourself working too hard trying to fix external circumstances

and overthinking:
How can I create a better life?
Why isn’t it working out for me?
How am I going to find the money/ love/ direction I need?
Why aren’t I already there?
Why is this happening ?

Have you noticed that your fear-mind readily answers those questions with some pretty depressing and dis empowering answers- you are not good enough, it’s your own fault, or it’s their fault. You are broken, you are a failure, etc etc.. ( BTW  They are not real answers they are only fears!)

When you are in your fear mind it is SOO much harder to connect with your intuition, to hear your angels guidance, and to trust in your Divine pathway. The heavy dark energy of fear blocks you and limits your thinking. The fear keeps you stuck.

Pretty much all of my clients have had some version of this going on, until they stepped out of the cycle and asked for help.

Their willingness to change it and take a risk in reaching out for help, being vulnerable, open and trusting was what turned it all around.

Asking for help, both from your Angels and from trustworthy healers and guides makes all the difference.
The Law Of Free Will means you can’t receive real help until you ASK !

Ask and it is given- jump and the net appears.

These wonderful women, like you,
were never broken or lacking &

(by the way, it’s total spiritual bull s#*% to say you attracted a hard time!!)


Beautiful, courageous, strong, talented, wildly creative INTUITIVE and powerful women who TEMPORARILY find themselves in a fog of grey cloud LONGING for change and OVER the frustrating cycle that is sabotaging their gifts and their life.

They STOOD UP for the life they wanted and in doing so hey found their way out of the darkness to incredible LIGHT!

Your angels will always guide you when your courage, determination and intention meet receptivity and trust!!

When you move through stuckness and find the path you discover that:

Being stuck is not punishment for anything,

it’s not a mistake in your law of attraction, you haven’t failed, there is nothing wrong with you, and the Universe is not against you.

It simply means:

(something you don’t yet know is missing) and you need to learn this and let go of all the drama, negativity and pain you have been suffering.

After 21 years of healing, mentoring and reading clients around the world,

I have discovered what it takes to create a real change and shift from stuck-ness :

  • You need a new perspective,  gained from healing  past pain and trauma and releasing hidden drama and unhealthy beliefs from your consciousness and energy field.
  • You need to rid yourself of the fear that there is something wrong with you and remember your value, your worth and your gifts. ( and remember that you are not alone, YOU matter)


  • You need clear intuitive guidance to light the way and illuminate your TRUE PATH. ( connecting with your intuition and learning to trust it is essential)


  • You need sparkling mental clarity and Divine alignment to receive new ideas and align with a supportive healthy mindset.
  • You need support, understanding, compassion and healing.
You will then effortlessly start acting from a new higher place of worthiness, power and love that can only be borne of new empowering beliefs and knowledge that you are now ready to embrace.

Your stuckness simply means – you are stagnating with old outdated beliefs, patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you! When you clear the fear and release those patterns, everything changes.

Are you ready to create a new reality for yourself? To be free of  feeling stuck and sabotaged ? Are you excited to step into the new highest expression of yourself and your life to experience sparkling clarity, feel lit up from inside magnetising new opportunities? Are you ready to soar into your Divinely Aligned path Email me  to find out how my work can help you. EMAIL ME or book a Reading or Healing with me.

Angel Blessings 

Rachel x

Angel Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher



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